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21 Bookish Questions: In Love with Murakami

So who do you think is the most useless superhero?

Another week, another book lover, and another 21 bookish questions

“So this books walks into to a bar, goes up to a girl and says “Do you want to bend my spine?”

In our weekly series 21 Bookish Questions, Foram Dhruv gets into the minds of book lovers and book nerds.  This week we meet Minnati Zaveri, a self-confessed book hoarder who believes that reading provides the mind a quiet burrow where every turn of a page seems nothing short of a magic between her fingers.

Minnati clearly has opinions, and a lot of them are about Murakami. She likes a lot of the same women we do – Midori, Luna Lovegood and Elizabeth Bennett, and is not afraid to say that I am Malala bored her to death.

Watch to find out more!

If you are a book lover from Mumbai, and would like to be interviewed about your bookish inner life, give us a shout at, and we’ll try and connect you with Foram. 

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