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21 Bookish Questions: Parinita Shetty is a Pottermaniac

21 Bookish Questions with children's writer Parinita Shetty

Parinita Shetty is amused at the idea of putting George RR Martin and William Shakespeare together!

2 Minutes, 21 Bookish Questions, and lots of book-nerdery

Parinita Shetty is one of our favourite kinds of people- the author of a wonderful children’s read called The Monster Hunters (a book that mixes equal parts humour and adventure) , a lover of genre fiction, and a certified Potter Maniac!

In this edition of 21 Bookish Questions she talks us through her fantasy author pairing of Frances Hardinge and Neil Gaiman, and boggles our mind by suggesting that we transport the Weasleys to Westeros!

Thank you Foram for a really fun interview as usual, and thanks Parinita for playing along.

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