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21 Bookish Questions: The Inner Lives of Book Lovers

Strictly for the book nerds!

Have you always wanted to know what to other book lovers dream of? Well, wonder no more.

The Inner Lives of Book Worms

Picture this.

You and your favourite college mates, heady with coffee and conversation, argue over the relative merits of Colin Firth’s Darcy and Matthew Macfayden’s Fitzwilliam. The coffee turns cold as one of you sneers about the character’s patriarchy and professes a liking for Mr. Knightley instead. And then another sighs and lets slip that she has never been able to get through a Jane Austen. Oh, the horror!

For us readers and book lovers, books are everything. Our conversations revolve around dream adaptations of books, we argue about the benefits of po-mo, dream in Murakami verse, and will do anything to hide our ignorance of that to-be-read list we keep planning to get to someday.

Foram Dhruv  gets that. She seeks out readers who live and breathe books and her series “21 Bookish Questions” gives them a chance to talk about their paper-and-ink friends. In less than 2 minutes she exposes the readers’ Literary Prides and Prejudices (sorry, we couldn’t resist that), and helps adds a few more tomes to our reading list.

In an ongoing series, we will publish an interview by her every week.  The subjects could be writers, illustrators, or just hungry readers devouring every book in sight

Happy viewing!

Up first is Sana Shaikh, a voracious reader. Sana prefers to live her life as a literary character, and she is either pouring her heart out on page, or dreaming about cats. Her most prized possession is a collection of Urdu short stories her mom gifted, and -as you will see- she has quite a few issues with Chetan Bhagat.

If you are a book lover from Mumbai, and would like to be interviewed about your bookish inner life, give us a shout at, and we’ll try and connect you with Foram. 



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