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21 Bookish Questions: With Reshma Krishnan

From Anne Rice Erotica to Thomas Cromwell- a glimpse into writer Reshma Krishnan's bookshelf

21 Bookish Questions in under 3 minutes with writer and journalist Reshma Krishnan

To best understand Reshma Krishnan, you would do well to begin with her article called “A Letter To Aspiring Writers”.  An erstwhile banker, Reshma is not one of those writers who merely romanticises the art. Even if she clearly loves words, she has just as much respect for the rigour and hard-work it takes to get published.  She is a regular contributor to National Geographic Traveller, The New Indian Express and The Hindu,and her first book Fade Into Red released in 2014. It makes a perfect summer read with it’s Tuscan setting, a smattering of romance, and a true enthusiast’s musings about wine.

When Foram Dhruv caught up with her for 21 Bookish Questions we discovered a fellow lover of Stephen King and Hilary Mantel.  We can’t wait to read what Reshma writes next, and wish her all the best.

Thanks for doing this  for us Reshma!


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