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A Playlist to Get You In Mood for The World Cup

The Greatest Show In The World! And Music to Go With It!

From Los Ramblers to Les Fat to New Order to Shakira, our favourite Football Anthems!

World Cup Playlist

Ooh! Can you sense the excitement in the air? It’s time for yet another FIFA World Cup with all its pageant and pomp. It will mess up your sleep cycle, infuriate you with all the news of FIFA’s excesses trickling in, entice you with a couple of close matches, and bore you to death with its goalless defensive draws, just as it does every four years.

This year’s World Cup has an extra frisson of interest around it, as the world waits for Brazil to fail at the organising and win at the sport. The MBRB is an impartial observer of this spectacle but our personal opinion is that neither of the two will happen. Every World Cup, the superlatives swing widely from Best World Cup Ever to Worst World Cup Ever, but the truth lies somewhere in between. We will have our share of dull matches, minor kerfuffles, exciting last minute wins, plucky underdogs, new heroes and villains, and everything in between. For the next one month everyone across the world (except for those pesky Americans) will be obsessed with the same 90 minutes a day. And we can’t wait for all the excitement that means!

If there’s one thing that this World Cup has already failed at though, it is in designing a Anthem that gets the folks excited for the game. Pitbull and JLo’s Oo La La is tepid at best, and while we love Shakira’s La La La, it seems too much a retread of her infinitely better song from a year ago.

Here then are the football anthems (new and old) that we recommend you add to your rotation this month

1. 1962, Chile: El Rock De Mundial by Los Ramblers

The first, and still one of the peppiest.

2. 1970, Mexico: Futbol Mexico 70 by Los Hermanos Zavala

Ideal as a mood setter for the late night matches

3. 1986, Mexico (again): Hot Hot Hot by Arrow

Brings back the memories, doesn’t it?

4. 1990, Italy: World in Motion by New Order

England’s official anthem for that World Cup, this song may just be the best on the list outside an arena

5. 1998, Frances: Vindaloo by Les Fat

Hopelessly politically incorrect, incurably infectious. You can just hear the fans get up in a single roar!

6. 1998, France: La Copa de La Vida by Ricky Martin

You may pretend to be too cool for him, but there’s no denying Ricky Martin’s consummate artistry. That man can groove!

7. 2002, S Korea and Japan: A  Little Less Conversation Elvis Presley and JXL

The King, EDM and our favourite Nike Ad ever. We miss that generation of players!

8. 2006, Germany: Heroes by Kasabian

We love how this one builds up slowly

9. 2010, South Africa: Waka Waka by Shakira

What can we say, those hips don’t lie

10. 2010, South Africa: Wavin’ Flag by K’Naan

Is there a better encapsulation of the spirit of the game than this?

Give me freedom
Give me fire
Give me reason
Take me higher

See the champions, take the field now
Unify us
Make us feel proud

Singing forever young
Singing songs underneath that sun
Lets rejoice in the beautiful game
And together at the end of the day we all say


Photo Credit: vramak via Compfight cc

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