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A Room of Her Own: Decor Ideas for a Child’s Room

There's more to a child's room than Disney and Princesses!

Home accents to add colour and personality to your child’s rooms

Childrens Room

When it comes to decorating and designing children’s rooms- it all seems a bit of a waste doesn’t it? Chances are they will scribble over the walls, leave parts of their jigsaws under the bed (or in strategic positions to trip you over), and replace your best-thought out design accent with their one-eyed Elmo stuffed toy. But there are pretty ideas out there- more for the parents perhaps than the babies but beautiful nonetheless.

When compiling this list of our favourite decor accents for a child’s room we had just one simple rule.

No Pinks For Girl or Blues for Boys

Our dream room is for a messy child with a bit of a temper, a sense of humour and plenty of personality- it is not for a little princess-y girl or sport-y boy. Society will bend them in a thousand ways before they’re old enough to know better, and Disney will teach them that they’re ladies and princes. But at home, they should just be allowed to be, and taught that they are first and foremost their parents’ special being, whether they like ruffles or swords or something in between. Everything else comes later.

Oh, and there was one more tiny rule that we had to come up with after hours of scouring Indian kids furniture

Nothing with Chota Bheem on it!
1. Rainbow colored organizers

We love love love Channapatna toys, for their bright shiny surfaces, ease of use and complete baby friendliness. If you are a Bangalore-based parent we highly recommend the trek towards Mysore just to stock up on the most adorable dolls and kitchen sets and spinning tops for your little ones. For everyone else, there’s Varnama design company that marries Channapatna designs with a modern sensibility.

Check out these piggy-shaped wall pegs. Perfect for bags, or clothes, or that stuffed monkey with huggable arms.

Varnam- Piggies on a Bus

2. That empty wall

Sometimes the best design ideas for your kids room don’t need to be created expressly “for” them. Look instead for the bright colours and sensibilities that you think would ignite her imagination and inspire a million stories.

That’s why we can’t get enough of  these gorgeous Gond prints by Durgabai below. We’ve been reading books illustrated by her for a while, and can’t wait to add a piece of art to our child’s room with one of her delectably happy designs.

Cow Gond Painting

Multi colour Owl and Birds

Multi color elephant Gond print- Jaypore










These paintings retail for about INR 6000 at Jaypore. If your budget runs lower consider a combination of these arresting animal prints done by artists from the Meena tribe for Tara books. Consider using them in bright coloured frames or mixing them up with some of your little one’s own creations!

Peacock Feathers- Tara Books

Tara Books Meena Tribe











3. Hide those bits and pieces

We quite enjoy the cost-effective children’s designs and accents from Vividha. There are some finds here if you look, and we especially like these fable-inspired baskets, ideal for leaving on a kids floor to mop up all the messy odds and ends (those cars, and engines, and half-completed puzzles), that keep emerging from her cupboards in a constant deluge! (Available for INR 896 each)

Thirsty Crow Bag



4. Retro Inspirations

Lakdi ki Kathi is that rare retailer that focuses almost exclusively on furnitures and pieces for a child’s room. There are a lot of functional and clean designs here that are just begging for a child to muck them up with her crayon sets. But with a name like Lakdi Ki Kathi, we can’t look beyond their lovely wooden rocking horse that is a retro throwback to our own childhood days and in adorable colours to boot!

If you are want to be the favourite aunt of that adorable moppet next doors, start by getting her one of these (Available at INR 5,499)

Lakdi ki Kathi Prancing Pony

5. A little personal touch

Maybe it is just all the Enid Blyton’s we read as a child- but somewhere behind our worldly wise exterior is a 80 year old cottage-dwelling British granny. And this granny is a little obsessed with bright quilts and cozy cushions and large soft couches that take ages to get out of.

This granny (if she was any good at craft), would happily pick up her needle set and design a bright patchwork quilt for all the children in the neighbourhood. But since she can’t and her eye sight isn’t what it used to be, can’t recommend enough the work of  Indian Yards. 

Indian Yards produces the most adorable quilts (in baby and grown up sizes), and they are just the sort of gift you can give to your child- as a room accent today- and as a memory and keep sake for life. These quilts are not just a piece of decor, but a near investment!


6. Wall Decals

We are not completely sold on this wall-decal trend, but Poster Gully has a nice collection, of which our favourite may just be these adorable single animal (Chotta Hatti and Rhino with Bubbles both are currently available for INR 1,700) ones, because they don’t dominate the room, just add a quirky little touch to a corner of it!

Chotta Hathi

Rhino with Bubbles

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All images have been procured from the original sites for indicative purposes only. MBRB’s recommendations are based on personal taste and preferences and NOT sponsored by any party. MBRB doesn’t take guarantees for delivery or quality of final product.

Photo Credit: lakbdesign/fergusandme via Compfight cc

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