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A Short History of Bollywood Friendships

Has the nature of friendship changed in Bollywood over the last 40 years? My Big Red Bag investigates

40 Years of best friends and bromances in song from our Bollywood archives- and Mohnish Behl’s finest moment on celluloid

It was a bit of an anthropological adventure, this putting together of a timeline of Bollywood friendships. While on the one hand we are relieved that a ‘love triangle’ no longer has to end with one of two best friends killing themselves (because what good is a life lived watching the girl you love get it on with the boy you also love?), we are a bit disappointed to not see enough women friends.

Bollywood has always had a bit of a tetchy relationship with opposite-sex friendships- either the two of them end up falling in love, or their friendship drives the girl’s real lover into insane jealousy (Remember Rajesh Khanna in Aap Ki Kasam?). We are particularly fond of those ‘life-long friendships’ which start with a toddler girl and boy running hand-in-hand on the beach and end with Rishi Kapoor strumming an unplugged guitar on the stage.

A special mention must also be made of “men’s best friends” – those loyal dogs, elephants and kabootars who do everything a friend would do for you- and more. Bonus benefit- you don’t need to fight them for the girl!

Some more passing thoughts;

1. The world needs more of the Saif-Akshay friendship.

2. Has Farhan Akhtar basically acted/produced/directed in the same movie all his life?

3. Aamir’s friends- like his heroines- ¬†become younger as he ages. ¬†Salman Khan doesn’t need friends.

[timeline src=”” width=”100%” height=”650″ font=”DroidSerif-DroidSans” maptype=”toner” lang=”en” ]

Photo Credit: jekemp via Compfight cc

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