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A Sporty Wardrobe for Watching TV in the Gym

If only there were calories to be lost in buying track pants online

Gym wear to inspire you into fitness this season

It’s that time of the year again isn’t it? With just 6 months left for the year to end , our new year resolutions in tatters and the sight of those beautiful muscled men on television every night (Football??? We are talking Diya Aur Baati here!),we are really left with no choice but to return to the gym for one more ill-fated attempt at loosing those pounds.

And is there a better way to make gym plans than to restock on all those sporty clothes (the ones we bought at the beginning of the year are now a size small, quelle surprise!). Unfortunately most gym clothes are meant for gym bodies and it is difficult to find something that’s age appropriate, comfortable and right for us. Also, as a matter of principle we refuse to do Nike, Reebok, Adidas and the like since they start giving a bit of a school-uniform vibe after a while with everyone in the same pink T on the same treadmill in a row.

Here are the pretty things we have our eyes on for the express purpose of looking pretty on Day One of being Sporty Red Bagger. What did you have in mind?

1. The best part about DoUSpeakGreen’s gym clothes is that they are all so ‘breathable’. Just what you need on the yoga mat or pilate reformer when you’re stretching in seventy different ways. Their entire new Chakra collection is quite pretty, but we particularly like this  pair of lovely fall coloured leggings. They are a nice fit, and just the right length for us.

Yoga Pants

2. And while you’re at their store, you could do worse than this comfortable tank (that doesn’t rise up uncomfortably like a couple of other lycras we’ve owned) which has a nice floral feel to it.

Do U Speak Green Tank

3. In our youth, the one kind-of sort of sporty activity that we engaged in was two years or so of Karate. And this yoga wrap top -though probably highly impractical- reminds us of those days.  The yellow doesn’t hurt either, does it?

DoUSeeGreen Yoga Wrap Top

4. If you’re from Delhi you probably won’t need this for a while, but Bangaloreans would be thankful for the warmth of this Femella Hoodie for the start of their jog. Also ideal for styling up your morning milk run.

Femella Hoodie

5. Monsoons signal the start of the hiking season all over the country, and this super light jacket (just 270g when folded) has got you covered for those days that flit between a sunshine and drizzleDecathlon Jacket

6. Its no secret that Zara is one of our favourite brands, and this stylish metal detail bowling bag is perfect for the gym or for running away somewhere on a romantic weekend

Zara_MetalDetailedBowlingBag7. Not that we’d recommend gymming with lacy loafers like this model, but we can’t help covet the slouchy fit of these track pants. Ideal for a very light workout only though.

Globus Track Pants


8. We’ve loved Cotton World forever and more. Their clothes are so comfortable that forget the gym, they’re ideal for any remotely active undertaking. These camis are great for layering with gym clothes (we love both the navy and the khaki) but what we really want- and couldn’t find online- are those awesomely ballooning palazzo pants that the model is wearing.

CottonWorld Cami


9. A lot of Urban Yoga’s design trends too young for our liking. But you’re never too old for a geometric-patterned capri that gives your gym look a true 70’s edge. (Seriously, we bet Zeenat Aman jogged in something similar at some point!)

Urban Yoga Capri


10. While our personal tastes veer towards big and shapeless tees, for those who are willing to try something different, you could do better than this delightfully retro shoulder-padded looking Koovs crop top. The model wears it with a skirt, but we say, add a comfortable pair of tracks and wear it for your next Zumba class.

Koovs Crop Top

11. Lastly, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Nothing beats the monotony of exercise more than a pair of happy feet, and this little number from Footsy is ideal for those classes where you need to leave your shoes at the door.

Footsy Tie and Dye

Photo Credit: Jenn and Tony Bot via Compfight cc

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