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A Tourism Expert Shares Her Delhi Secrets

A Tourism expert shares her favourite impressions of magical Delhi

Our love-hate relationship with Delhi is strengthened by this fabulous list of things-to-do from resident and travel expert Deepa Krishnan.

Deepa Krishnan has a business degree from IIM Calcutta and over 15 years in financial services, consulting with global banks such as Citigroup and Barclays. In 2002, she set up a sightseeing company to showcase “the real India” to overseas visitors. What started as a whim has now evolved into Magic Tours of India - a company  with a network of over 200+ guides, specializing in offbeat tours across 16 cities in India. She also maintains award-winning blogs about Delhi and Mumbaiand is happy to share from her vast experiences as an India Destination Expert on Trip Advisor.

We asked her about some of her favourite haunts in and around Delhi – for readers from the Capital and beyond. How many of these uniquely Delhi experiences have you tried?

Your favourite place in Delhi to see by foot 

The Nizamuddin area, it’s like a slice of medieval Delhi and the atmosphere at the dargah is quite amazing.

Your favourite lesser known historical building in Delhi 

Tomb of Imam Zamim, inside the Qutb Complex A tiny octagonal structure set in the Qutb Complex, the building houses the tomb of Imam Zamim who came to India from Central Asia in the sixteenth century. He was venerated by Babur, Humayun and Sher Shah Suri but himself did not play an active part in the political intrigue of the day.

Your favourite place in Delhi to buy books 

Used to be Bookwise at Shahpur Jat, but now I go to Bahrisons

Your favourite art gallery in Delhi

The National Gallery of Modern Art. (Editors’ Note: The Museum Shop at NGMA is a treasure trove of really interesting prints ranging from Roerich to Jamini Roy)

The places you’d recommend to someone who’s stayed in Delhi all their lives and likely not seen

The oldest tomb in DelhiSultan Ghari is located  on the Mehrauli–Mahipalpur Road near Vasant Kunj. Built by the Iltutmish, the third ruler of the Slave Dynasty for his eldest son Nasiruddin Mahmud, the tomb is unusually structured as a raised octagon surrounded by a fortress.

Some of your favourite food haunts 

Naivedyam-for their utterly awesome Rasam. Perfect for a winters’ night!

Your favourite place to grab a cup of coffee/tea in Delhi 

Kunzum Travel Café for the easy vibe

Your favourite book with Delhi as a back drop 

The City of Djinns

The best place in Delhi to see with a young child/toddler 

Lodi Gardens, to relax and run around freely.

Imam Zamim Picture from Deepa’s personal collection
Featured Image: Photo Credit: archer10 (Dennis) via Compfight cc

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