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About Us

We launched My Big Red Bag in 2014 because we were tired of content that assumed women just cared about beauty, fashion and parenting. The women we know are passionate about so many different things: they are goofy, driven, energetic, laid-back, book lovers, TV binge watchers, master chefs, experts at ordering take-out, businesswomen and so much more.

And that is why we are thrilled to introduce the MBRB Story Box. Every month, and sometimes more often, we will put together a box of fun, quirky and exclusive products that we’ve hunted out from all over the country. What makes our story box unique is that each edition celebrates a different aspect of the woman you are.

Our first story box has three awesome products guaranteed to perk up your rainy days, all for Rs. 999*. Up next are story boxes for book lovers, travellers, chefs, workaholics, and more. Now isn’t this the perfect gift for yourself and for other fantastic women in your life?

What’s In The Box

We’ve hunted far and wide to bring you products that are fun, quirky and hard to find. While we try to keep each bag as unique and eclectic as possible, there IS some method to our madness:

  1. We personally love each and every one of the products we share with you.
  2. Our products are meant for YOU! We hear from so many women who never find the time to indulge themselves, and our products are designed to be used exclusively by you. (They also make a great gift for other women in your life who deserve a bit of pampering)
  3. Our products are good for you. We try and select a range of products that are as natural and healthy as possible (and don’t let anyone tell you that dark chocolate is not good for you!)
  4. No tiny samplers, real products that you can use and keep. We hope that you end up exploring more from our family of producers after this first taste.
  5. We are raconteurs, and love products with a distinct point of view or an interesting backstory. Often, if the story is too good to keep to ourselves, we will share it with you.
  6. Each of our story boxes will also be accompanied with our usual mix of views, recommendations and perspectives – some to be enjoyed on your commute back home (or during that yawn-inducing business meeting), others to be savoured on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We are a community, first and foremost. So if you have a new find that you’d love to share with other women, write to us and we will see if it fits into our box. And we’d love to give you bragging rights by letting the world know we heard about it from you first!

Pick one box, or pick many. Spread the word, keep returning for exciting new story boxes, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to know when a new box is out (they tend to run out fast!)

The Team

Economics. Maths. Management. Coffee. Racy Thrillers. TV Shows. Roger Federer. Three year old. Road trips. The founding team of My Big Red Bag has their fingers in many different pies. Find out more about them here.

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