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Arresting Entryways: Decor Tips From An Expert

"Welcome to my beautiful parlour", says The Keybunch

One of our favourite decor bloggers shares tips for creating eye-catching entryways

The entryway is a much neglected part of Indian homes. Perhaps it is our tradition of leaving our shoes at the door that makes us think “What’s there to decorate? It’s going to hold some shoes, and that’s it!”.

I beg to differ.

The entryway is the “first look” that visitors get when they enter your home.  It’s also the first thing that you see when you get home at the end of a long and tiring day. And no matter how bad your day’s been, a bright, cheerful and neat entryway is sure to boost your spirits. So come, let me show you a few beautiful products that can help you take your entryway from bah to wah!

Let’s cover the basics – something all entryways need to have.

1. A stylish foot mat: Make sure it is water absorbent during the monsoons, and dust absorbent during the summer months. There’s a lovely variety of foot mats available in the market these days. Try the ones from India Circus –take your pick from cute, stylish, tongue-in-cheek humorous or colourful!

2. A shoe-rack: Not the MDF ones please! Look out for the pretty ones made out of wrought iron, wood or fabric – make your final choice depending on the layout and dimensions of your corridor space or  entryway.

3. A name-plate: This needs no introduction. Recently there is a trend towards big and fancy name-plates, but I prefer the home-made, DIY type – don’t we owe a unique name-board for our special home? So customize and DIY wherever possible.

the keybunch worli DIY nameplate

TheKeyBunch Nameplate

Here’s the name board I did a while back. I love Warli, and I made this board just before my son was born. Nothing fancy, but it’s home-made and I am proud of it. I did the Warli on a plain sheet, and as for the lettering, it’s easier than it looks! I designed it myself, then took a printout, cut out the letters and decoupaged it on to the drawing sheet. The babe in arms is my son. He is 3 now, so I think our home needs a new board!

4. Storage: In the monsoons, make sure you designate a space to store wet umbrellas and raincoats.

Now that we have the basics covered, let’s think about other ways to beautify the entryway.

If you live in a house or bungalow, flowering plants like bougainvillea are the obvious choice. Even in a small apartment, pretty pots add an instant oomph! Try colorful hanging pots, or pots painted in a similar color – they are simple to implement, but look so wonderful.

Warli Pots

A collage of the pots and artwork that adorn my entryway…yes, it’s all warli, but you could do your own thing!

Artwork is another great way to add character to your entryway. Keep it simple and preferably home made, such as something colourful painted by you or your kids. Avoid cheap prints – instead of making your entryway look stylish, they will have the opposite effect.

Here’s a moodboard of some of my favourite products to add instant chutzpah to your entryway.

Decor moodboard

My Big Red Bag brings original content inspired by life’s joys and passions.  Have an entryway you are proud of? Share ideas and pictures in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.  Find more inspiration for your home in our Decor Happy Issue, and stay tuned to our latest content by following us on Twitter and FB!

Sharon Colaco D’Souza is a content strategist who works from her home office. She also has a home decor blog called The Keybunch that gives you amazing insights into Indian decor, art, and design. Read about why her blog is called The Keybunch here.

All images in this article are the property of the author. You may link to the images but please do not reuse or reproduce without prior written permission. Cover image courtesy: Abe K via Compfight cc

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