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Because It’s Almost The Weekend: Let’s Recast The Good Wife

Next week, lets do Scandal!

Work for idle fingers, dream casting Acchi Bahu- Ek Vakeel Ki Kahaani with a superstar cast!

The Good Wife

Don’t ask me why but I’ve found myself watching a couple of episodes of Ajeeb Daastan Hai Yeh these last few days, and while the show is perfectly fine for what it is (we will always have a soft spot for Sonali Bendre), it is NOT  The Good Wife. Which makes me wonder why Ekta Kapoor doesn’t do a proper version of our favourite Sunday Night show. There is so much that is easily translatable to the daily soap factory- an evil mother-in-law, friendships between strong women, workplace drama, dreamy men that our protagonist can’t choose between, and a heroine who is possibly the best written female on television, period.

But perhaps the Ekta Kapoor treatment will not do the show’s gloriously nuanced and dramatic storylines enough justice.  For that we need a clever director who understands relationship (why not aim for the best and hope for Zoya Akhtar); and a cast that makes you want to come back every Sunday Night. Here’s who we would like to see in our own desi version of Acchi Bahu- Ek Vakeel Ki Kahani


Alicia Florrick - She is equal parts steel and satin and wiles and sexual repression.  Only the divine Tabu can play this woman of a million shades (and technically, she’s already been in a movie called Bibi Number 1).

Alicia Florrick


                                                                                              Image from Wikipedia via Bollywood Hungama

Will Gardner- Ruthless in court but putty in the hand of the woman he has a long-standing crush on. Very good looking, fiercely loyal, with his own code of honour. We think this would be the career manna that our favourite Khan-  Saif(u) needs. And lets face it, the man can wear a suit! Failing that, we will take Randeep Hooda!

 Image from Wikipedia via Bollywood Hungama

Peter Florrick – He’s slimy,  unafraid to abuse power, and a momma’s boy misogynist. But somehow-just like Alicia- you can’t dismiss him entirely. Anil Kapoor has already tested Television waters, and we find him equal parts compelling and uncomfortable in the same way as Chris Noth- so we nominate him!

Anil Kapoor

 Image from Wikipedia via Bollywood Hungama

Eli Gold- Alan Cumming is the quintessential scene stealer. His apoplectic rages, his upturned eye brows,  and his irrepressible energy make him more than just Peter’s Man Friday. He is also – at this stage of the story- Alicia’s only friend. Perhaps the only man capable of stealing scenes from Tabu is  Nawazuddin Siddiqui and he seems such a nice guy we don’t mind him seeing every week on our TV!

Eli Cumming

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

                                                                                      Image from Wikipedia via Bollywood Hungama

Kalinda- We were one of the 5 people in the world who saw Filhaal and came back wanting more movies with Sushmita Sen and Tabu together! And lets face it- our favourite part of the early season of The Good Wife were the tequilas Kalinda and Alicia knocked down together each evening.

Besides, who could possibly rock leather boots better than this erstwhile Ms. Universe?

Sushmita Sen

 Image from Wikipedia via India FM

Diane Lockharte- When we grow up we want to be as awesome as Diane Lockhart or Ratna Pathak Shah, and its only fitting that one play the other!

Ratna Pathak Shah

 Ratna Pathak Shah in Khoobsurat

Cary Agos- I know he’s busy romancing Barbie Dolls on film, but there’s a character actor hidden somewhere deep in the overly buff body of Varun Dhawan- and well, only he can effortlessly portray a frat boy with a heart of gold!

Varun Dhawan

Image from Wikipedia via Bollywood Hungama

And then the numerous guest actors! Juhi Chawla as Elizabeth Tascioni! Arjun Rampal as Finn Polmar ! Rekha as Veronica, Alicia’s mother! We must quit before we drive ourselves crazy dreaming this up.

Who would you like to see in The Good Wife?

All The Good Wife images from

4 Comments on Because It’s Almost The Weekend: Let’s Recast The Good Wife

  1. Love The good wife and love your cast!

  2. deepti chandola // November 20, 2014 at 9:45 pm // Reply

    I hope they start the next season sooon!

  3. ojaswini gul // November 23, 2014 at 4:17 am // Reply

    I just love this show ! but had no hopes for the ajeeb dasta … u dont trust ekta kapoor… ps. dont miss out on grace and zack !

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