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New Beginnings: Brighten Up Your Workspace

Add some pizzazz to your cubicle.

Design changes that make you WANT to get to work.


The brain is a wonderful organ.  It starts working the moment you get up in the morning, and does not stop until you get into the office

You’ve been in the same job for two years now, toiled (or at least surfed the internet) for at least eight hours a day for a minimum of four hundred days. And save that solitary feng shui bamboo and that dusty picture of your baby (or car), it still looks the same as it did the day you came in? No wonder you can’t wait to get home!

Home is where you’ve hand selected every little pillow, where the good old fashioned tubelight is not enough so you infuse it with the warm glows of fancy lamps, where you scatter throws and accents and tiny tchotchkes to create the semblance of ‘character’. And your cubicle? That’s the place where dreams go to die.
But all of that can change. With a little bit of money and a little bit of creativity you can inject the same personality in your drab cubicle as you have in every corner of your house. Believe us- it’s guaranteed to make work exciting again!
To begin with- GET RID OF THE MESS. Stacks of papers, the delivery menus from the times you’ve stayed in office late night and the million markers dying slow deaths without their caps do not an “involved” office-goer make. Shovel everything into a bin (or in to the drawers) and get organized. We are huge fans of magnetic organizers like this one and you should find something similar at your nearest home goods store for much lesser.  Here’s another simple and bright one that’s just right for tiny bits and bobs. If not, then invest in bright plastic jars and tumblers of assorted sizes to bring some colour and panache to your workplace. We recommend the ‘children’s crockery’ section of your favourite department store for inspiration.!
You can’t be painting the walls of your office. (You’re too short plus it’s not ‘brand compliant’). But you can enliven any work place with a splash of colour. Colour experts insist that a palette of smooth blue-greens with a dash of red is ideal to increase productivity. If you have a cork board, go to your nearest stationer and buy some beautiful paper to cover it up with – preferably in a light blue or yellow to brighten your cubicle.  A nice washi-style Japanese paper will do wonders to your mood! If you’re tired of the chill blast from the office air conditioner, borrow your mother’s favourite pashmina (or invest in one), and wear it to work. Drape it stylishly behind your swivel chair for the rest of the day- it adds a bit of personality to your desk.
Complement these with a couple of stylish desk accessories . We love these visiting card holders but you could also get yourself a small pen stand with bright markers, rubber bands  and post-its stuffed into it (for decision tree brainstorming!) or even a couple of bright notebooks  to make your cubicle stand out. Another tiny touch that we are huge fans of is something from The Elephant Parade selection at The Bombay Store. One of these little cuties is guaranteed to act as a conversation starter at the least!
The Inspiration
Always wanted to fly? Or can’t wait to  catch the sun in Ibiza? Pick some postcards that tell you WHY you are working anyway (for the money, right?) and pin them around your seat? Look at travel magazines for ideas and just tear the wish list out (artistically of course) and stick them around you with magnets, bright board pins or post-its.
Don’t have a pin board? Stick them atop your screen and at the sides of your table! Every time the day gets too much just stare deep into those images an get dreaming!
How about a tiny piece of pop-art from your favourite artist? Just as long as it’s not Starry Starry Night, it will distinguish your cubicle from the hundreds around it.
A Touch of Me
If you watch Suits you’ve probably noticed how Harvey Spector is defined by the sports memorabilia and humongous collection of vinyls. Your cubicle may not be quite as big as his office, but there’s no easier way to let the world know a little bit about yourself. If your childhood was spent rushing from class to class in a tiny tutu, a tiny bobblehead ballerina would be ideal. If Game of Thrones is your jam, then this House Lannister poster could hit the spot (unless of course you’re a Targareyn- quelle horrore). Consider adding a pennant from your favourite sports team or the inlay from the cassette (remember those? Am sure they are lying in some cupboard somewhere in your parents’ house) of your favourite band. Just anything that makes you stand out from the crowd.
The Bottom Drawer
Everyone knows it by now. The top shelf is for the files and the papers and the staplers and the ink. The middle shelf is for the documents you mean to get back to some day. And the bottom shelf is for escaping. Store your favourite pair of heels here so that you can leave for partying easily from work, or your favourite perfume that turns you from a working woman to play-watching sophisticate in all of two dabs. Perhaps refills of evening make up? Let your bottom drawer be the one -minute bridge that carries you from in-office  meetings to the after-office drinks.
These simple tricks should help you stamp your cubicle with the same fun and energy that is so much a part of your life outside the office!  Remember, the best way to succeed at anything is to have fun while doing it!
Editors Note:  The recommendations above are based on the editors’ personal tastes and opinions- these are NOT PAID endorsements. My Big Red Bag takes no responsibility for the availability of the items described above after the time of publication.

zilverbat. via Compfight cc
valeyoshino via Compfight cc

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