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Editorial: The City of Our Minds

Our third issue is out, and this time - we are talking cities!

Our Cities issue delves deep into urban spaces – sharing residents’ and pop culture impressions from cities all over India.

Here’s how you create the perfect Indian city for My Big Red Bag. Start with the roads of Delhi, add a dash of Bangalore’s weather & a little bit of Mumbai’s devil-may-care attitude, temper it with Hyderabad’s insouciance, Chennai’s Kutcheri, Kolkata’s egg rolls, Lucknow’s leisurely place, Chandigarh’s order, Jaipur’s colour, Shillong’s meandering hillways….and the list goes one. But that’s the beautiful part of these cities, isn’t it? They are all wonderful in their almost-perfectness, defined as much by what they don’t have, as all the things they do.

The word city draws its inspiration from civis or citizen – which should not be a surprise. The ethos of a city is decided by the people who inhabit it. As for us at My Big Red Bag, we have no shame in admitting that we are city rats – we love our escapes to the mountains and beaches, but it’s in the mad chaos of a city that we feel most at home. So it’s only fitting that this Issue is dedicated to¬†The Cities – of our minds and of our souls.

Over the next two weeks we will share reflections on favourite places and things to do from residents of several cities. We will also look at how the filters of pop culture have distilled the essence of some of these cities. There will be serious conversations around sustainability and safety in these cities. And as always – there will be room for digressions, reviews, conversations, images, and a lot more. So don’t forget to keep coming back every day for interesting bits and pieces (and some special offers!) on cities and their citizens.

Photo Credit: mugley via Compfight cc

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