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Editorial: The Family Edition

We ARE Family!

Lets kickstart this festival season with a meditation on the meaning of family!


All families are psychotic. Everybody has basically the same family – it’s just reconfigured slightly different from one to the next.- Douglas Copeland

Over the last few months we’ve learnt to think of you, dear MBRB readers, as a surrogate family of sorts, and its only fair that we dedicate an issue to the delicate social structure that is The Family. Whether yours is adorably quirky, like that in a Wes Anderson film, or cloyingly in love like a KJo Script; whether it is full of warmth like the Weasleys, or dysfunction like Salinger’s Glass Family, your family remains the baggage – and the support – that you carry with you through your life.

Over the next two weeks, we will share tales about different families, and look at the various ways our families define and alienate us. We will discuss vacation ideas with family, meals to share with them, and talk about some of our favourite fictional families.

What’s more, as our ‘family members’, you will be the first to know of the changes we have planned for the next stage of My Big Red Bag.

So as good families do, go ahead and tell us how we’ve delighted and failed you, share our achievements with your neighbours and keep coming back for more conversation and recriminations and big warm hugs!

Much love

Gauri and Hina
Photo Credit: BrianScottImages via Compfight cc

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