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Editorial: The Magic Of Colours

Blue skies, yellow cab and a little black dress

We rejoice in all things bright and colourful – in nature, design, books, movies and our lives.

So we sailed up to the sun/ Till we found the sea of green/ And we lived beneath the waves/ In our yellow submarine

- The Beatles

Can you imagine a world bereft of colours? Literally, it’s almost impossible to imagine – would it be an inky black or a blinding white? White sky above, white walls all around, white jay perched on a white tree, white flame of fire. Yikes. And we haven’t even thought about what conversations and pop culture would be like without the reds, violets, yellows and greens. Truth is – colours pervade, and in many ways, dictate our lives. We brighten up at the sight of an azure blue sky just as our shoulders droop at the sight of grey above us; spend days and weeks agonizing over the “Mera wala Pink” for our walls and nails; streak our hair a bright purple to declare our individuality; and share quizzes that reveal our personality by de-constructing our favourite colour.

Over the next couple of weeks, we celebrate the colours in our lives. We showcase several entrepreneurs with a passion for design and an eye for colour. We discover some fascinating destinations and celebrate the beauty of colour in nature. We chat with the lovely people who bring beauty to our much loved movies through their creative use of colour. All this plus our regular features on Books, Travel, Lifestyle, Pop Culture and more.

So here’s to colours. To the sky of Blue and the sea of Green, to White shadows and the Yellow submarine, to the little Black dress and the big Red bag.

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Image courtesy: Swamibu via Compfight cc


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