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Editorial : We’re Laughing About Love

Love is all you need.    Love is life.    Love is blind.               

So says Google when we seek her help to understand what Love Is. We’d rather not get into speculating upon the purpose and nature of love – countless philosophers, anthropologists, psychologists and artistes have done that already. Love is possibly the biggest cliche in humanity – can you think of a composer, author or performer who has never, ever used the word love? The Beatles told us that “Love is all we need”, Victor Hugo told us that “to love another person is to see the face of God”, Tina Turner warned us that “Love is a second hand emotion” and who else but the Simpsons imparted the priceless wisdom that “Love is a many-splintered thing”.

The maxims notwithstanding, it is difficult to deny that apart from life, death & taxes, love is the biggest reality of our lives. What would our childhood be without the stern but selfless love of our parents and the indulgent devotion of our grandparents? Would our youth have been half as much fun without our numerous crushes and infatuations? And is there anything in the world quite as magical as the tug of first love or your child’s tiny hands tightly holding on to you? Somerset Maugham may have been right in his claim that love is a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species, but it’s difficult arguing with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s decision to “stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear”.

Over the next fortnight, we celebrate the various facets of love: we speak to two companies who help people find love; we explore the nature of homosexual love; we feature two plucky women who discover the joys & pains of solo travel; we revisit Ishq ke saat mukaam (the seven stages of romantic love) through books; we discern the music of love through a musician-couple; we chat about our favourite love poetry in Gupshup and we bring you a specially curated Love playlist. Apart from this, we have our regular features on products, ideas and people we love.

So here is to love, which “doesn’t make the world go round…(but) makes the ride worthwhile.”

Photo Credit: Auzigog via Compfight cc

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