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Editor’s Desk: My Beautiful Home

We kick off a fortnight of Decor Happyness!

Artists, designers, decorators, bloggers – a world of ideas and objects for your beautiful home!

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

Home. That special place we return to – often times after a long weary day of toil, sometimes after a pleasurable vacation. And though there is no doubt in our mind that it is people, love and memories that create the special place we ache to return to, let us not discount the big and small knick knacks that lend warmth and character to the brick walls, turning them from house to home. The mera wala blue on the bedroom walls; the first writing desk you ever owned, with each scratch and layer of paint carrying a special memory; the 20 year set of Russian Matryoshka dolls where you secreted away cards and love letters;  the 100 year old trunk that belonged to your great grandmother; the photo frame that your 3 year old daughter crafted for your birthday; and the Lazyboy that is your not-so-secret guilty pleasure.

Over the next fortnight, we chat with designers, decorators, bloggers and artists who inspire – and create – pretty objects for our homes. We find out about their inspirations, and also ask for decor tips and DIY projects to help create our own “Home, Sweet Home”. All this in addition to our regular features on Lifestyle, Literature, Travel & Pop Culture.

Tell us about a decor project that you’ve just completed, share a special home memory, or ask us about a design problem that you are grappling with. So bookmark this page and keep returning for many exciting features right here.

My Big Red Bag brings original content inspired by life’s joys and passions. Get more rainy day inspiration from our Decor Happy Issue, and stay tuned to our latest content by following us on Twitter and FB!

Image from Wikimedia Commons


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