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Favourite Monsoon Getaways: Mumbai

The charm of a Mumbai downpour

Why get away when there is magic at your doorstep?

mumbai monsoon rains

We asked some women travellers – writers, photographers, entrepreneurs, executives – about their favourite monsoon destination, and will be sharing their responses through the rest of the week. If you’d like to contribute to our Monsoon Getaways series, send us a short note with some pictures at Let’s get drenched this rainy season!

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Monsoons are a special season. By the time the summer ends, India is a parched country that has been starved of its very sustenance for far too long. And then the wind pick ups and brings in  the rain. One shower is all it takes for the green to peep out of every crack and crevice. Even in a city like Mumbai, you can find creepers drooping over posts and railings, enveloping them in their lush cloak of green.

I am tempted to say my favourite monsoon getaway is Goa, and I truly do love Goa during the monsoons. But for all its floods and all its water logging and all the extra traffic on the roads, Bombay is at its prettiest in the monsoons. The roads get cleaned up, the dust settles down into a companionable silence and the air breathes crisp and cool. I wait for the monsoons every year. They arrive hesitantly, as if they are unwelcome; a shower or two, then nothing. And then they arrive in all earnestness and sweep across the city. All of a sudden this city charms me all over again and I ask myself, why do I need to go anywhere else?

Mumbai Monsoon Rains


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Bhavani is a traveller by choice, photographer by interest and writer by desire. She crafts tours for and has been published at Lonely Planet India’s website, The Alternative, Talking Cranes, Unboxed Writers, City Ninjas and Indian Express. She is in a dedicated relationship with chocolate, her husband and exclamation marks – though rather confused about the order of preference! You can join her journey at

All pictures are the property of Bhavani, please do not re-use or reproduce without prior written permission.

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