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Friday High Tea: Brazilian Sexism and the Married Indian Woman

Everything you missed on the Internet while you were at work this week

Reading for the witching hour, when the mind says weekend, and the clock says 2 hours to go.

Brazil Friday High Tea

It’s Friday once again, dear reader, after what’s been a decidedly strange week. We started late because of Holi, days flitted by-  alternatively summer-hot and winter-cold, and the country continued to trudge on to what may well be our nastiest election ever.

But now it’s weekend again! Time to put on the dancing shoes, download a couple of new books on your Kindle (maybe from our recommended Spring Reading List?), unwind and relax.

Here are some odds and ends from the Internet for those crazy moments over the weekend when you want to escape your friends and family,  for the solitude of your shiny technomate.

1. Sexism comes in many colours. And the writer here is right in saying that in some ways, a society like Brazil with its extreme emphasis on how a women should look is is just as wrong-headed as the prohibitive Middle Eastern regimes. But there’s a small difference-isn’t there? Patriarchy may be equally oppressive in both places but in Brazil- women like this author are allowed to challenge and speak out against it- and that makes all the difference.

(…)as living in Brazil has taught me, for women, even having all the freedom in the world can be its own cage

2. RIP L’Wren Scott. The Fug Girls have put together a slide show of some of her most beautiful designs to remember her by. She and Nicole Kidman were a match made in heaven

3. Some of those statistics make us so so mad. Has any of the election candidates laid out their manifesto for women yet?

Researchers spoke with women about their experience of domestic violence and the situations in which they thought they would be subject to a beating. Just over half — 54% — said women in their community would be beaten up for going out of the house without permission. Some 35% said that not cooking properly would leave them likely to be physically abused, and 36% said that inadequate dowry payments would likely lead to a beating. Separately, 46% believed that neglecting household duties would result in domestic violence.

4. Yay for Queen! Looks like the movie is going to be a bonafide hit (as Cate Blanchett said in her Oscar Acceptance speech- “Those in the industry who are foolishly clinging to the idea that female films, with women in the centre are niche experiences. They are not” ). And the more we hear from Kangana, the more in love we fall with her.

If a Queen-like situation occurs in your life where the groom ditches the bride, would you set out on your honeymoon alone?
Yes, why not? If something sad happens in one’s life, one should not cry over it. Go out into the world; there’s a lot to explore.

5. We were conflicted about the “Ban Bossy” campaign last week. Ann Friedman articulates exactly what our issue with the idea is.

 It’s counterintuitive, and it makes feminists look like thought police rather than the expansive forward-thinkers we really are.

6. And finally, for a sprinkle of weekend pretty, these images of the World’s Greatest Natural Wonders. In the immortal words of Liz Lemon- “We want to go to there”


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