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Friday High Tea: Girls Be Quiet & Polite, Don’t Wear Eye Shadow

Reading for the witching hour, when the mind says weekend, and the clock says 2 hours to go

Bits and pieces from the World Wide Web to tide you through the last two hours of workweek boredom

Never Go For The Prudes

Why is India second from bottom on gender equality in Asia (only Afghanistan is worse than India)? The United Nations Development Programme ranked India No 132 of 146 countries on its gender inequality index. Gunjeet Sra from Open Magazine visits classrooms in Delhi in search of some answers.

Ma’am is always telling us to behave like girls, to be polite, quiet and attentive. My mother says the same thing, but I don’t want to be like that all the time.

Who did you hair, Mr Spacey?

Remember Oppressed Majority, the video that went viral for demonstrating everyday sexism?  Buzzfeed asked Kevin Spacey the same questions that female celebrities are expected to answer with élan – such as “What are you wearing” & “Who did your hair”?  Check out how well he performed on this routine Q&A


A Smart Woman Can’t Be Fashionable

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of our favourite authors – we highly recommend Half Of A Yellow Sun for a treatise on the tragic price of civil war (this time in Nigeria). In this piece for Elle, she succinctly states what we’ve felt all along – it’s tougher for a woman who dresses stylishly (as opposed to dressing well) to earn respect.

one could not take this author of three novels seriously, because she wore a pretty dress and two shades of eye shadow

The World Before Her:

From a boot camp for Femina Miss India participants to a militant fundamentalist organization called Durga Vahini, film maker Nisha Pahuja traces the dreams and aspirations of Indian women. After winning numerous awards abroad in 2012, the documentary is finally coming to India on April 25. Don’t miss it.

Gulabi Gang or Gulab Gang?

Activist Sampat Pal – who won widespread acclaim in Bundelkhand for founding the Gulabi Gang to mobilize women against domestic abuse – has been occupying a lot of news time lately.

First, a movie called Gulab Gang starring Madhuri Dixit-Nene & Juhi Chawla was announced, with Pal as the “inspiration”  (the producers & director have been at pains to clarify that the movie is not her real life story). Then, Nishitha Jain released her documentary on Pal titled Gulabi Gang (meaning it was Pal’s real story and made with her permission – Jain says she spent years living in Bundelkhand for the documentary) – the documentary got rave reviews for its hard hitting content. Finally, a day before the movie Gulab Gang  was to hit the theatres, Sampat Pal moved court for a stay on the release, claiming the makers did not take her permission for the filming and that the movie could damage her reputation.

The court has cleared the movie’s release a few hours ago, but will celluloid fiction live up to the original?  The only way to find out is to watch the documentary and the movie, but based just upon the trailers, we vote for the real thing!

Quick recap: The original group that Sampat Pal founded is called Gulabi Gang, Nishitha Jain’s documentary is also called Gulabi Gang, the “inspired” movie directed by Soumik Sen has dropped an “i” and is called Gulab Gang. Phew!


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