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Friday High Tea – The Week That Was

Your 5 minute facial - all you need to know about the happenings of the week!

Sexual satisfaction of Indians, a video that you’ll love and lots more – we bring you the best of the week.

A look back at the week that was for women across the world.

1.  A huge round of applause for Googoosh,  Iran’s biggest pop star,  who celebrated Valentine’s Day by releasing a video on her Facebook page that showed a lesbian couple in a relationship. Homosexual relationships are considered taboo in Iran.


2. Elsewhere in the Middle East, Somayya Jabarti became the first woman to assume the role of Editor-in-chief of a national newspaper in Saudi Arabia.

To remind you of the state of women in Saudi Arabia – it’s the only country in the world where women are prohibited from driving (yes you read that right), women will be allowed to vote or run for political office for the FIRST time in 2015, and until a year ago, violence against women and children in their houses was not considered a crime.


3. Remember Pussy Riot, Russia’s feminist punk rock group whose three founding members were jailed for two years by President Vladimir Putin for “hooliganism” (defined in Russia as speaking out against the authorities)?  The group was in the news again at the Sochi Olympics, where they were attacked with horsewhips by Cossack policemen when they tried to stage a performance.

Kudos to these brave girls for their persistence!


4. Meanwhile, a study by Durex Global Research ranks India as number 8 on most sexually satisfied nations in the world! If that leaves you surprised, take comfort that the researchers are equally bewildered – “Despite the fact that Indians wait the longest to have sex for the first time (the average age to lose one’s virginity is 22 years old), the country has consistently been rated among the top satisfied nations in recent years”.

What will increase Indians’ satisfaction – we finally beat China and USA at something!

5. We absolutely love this medley that traces the musical history of women “moving on”. And guess what,we’re getting better at saying: “So don’t you ever for a second get to thinkin’ You’re irreplaceable”


For week ending Feb 20, 2014

Picture courtesy: The Hamster Factor via Compfight cc

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