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Friday High Tea: Women be Smoking (hot)!!

Reading for the witching hour, when the mind says weekend, and the clock says two hours to go

Bits and pieces from the World Wide Web to tide you through the last two hours of workweek boredom

Let’s begin with Ole’ Faithful Prannoy Roy , and his World this Week music, shall we?  Here’s a quick run down of things you need to know to impress at conversations over your weekend parties. And if that’s not your jam, then here’s a quick run down of things to vent about on Twitter as you lie on the couch and watch re-runs of Love Actually this weekend!

1. We realize that complaining about the editorial standards of the Times Network is futile, but really? You do an absolutely facile column called “Shocking!!!  5 Actresses who smoke in real life, and then go ahead and malign five of our favourite women -indicating that their smoking is some kind of major character flaw. Then, you make it even worse by blaming Manisha Koirala for her cancer!  Don’t click on that link and give them more page views women, just take our word for it that this WILL MAKE YOUR BLOOD BOIL!

2. Leila Seth questions India’s draconian laws against homosexuality with compassion and insight. (Incidentally this article also first appeared in The Times of India, but we are not giving them more page views, remember?)

3. There’s some new art from Bill Waterson, the creator of Calvin & Hobbes. 19 years after the comic strip ended, we are still re-reading our compilations once a month at least. We would kill for a new comic strip but there’s something to be said for retiring at your own terms, isn’t there?

4. J Courtney Sullivan looks at the remarkable longevity of the ad copy – “A Diamond is Forever“. You could almost say that the line has been around ‘forever’ (sorry)

5. U S A! U S A! Perpetrators of sexual violence will no longer be offered visas to America.

6. Who owns a character after the book is written? The writer or the reader? We questioned this in True Love in Hindsight. And Elizabeth Minkel shares her thoughts here.

7. Fun facts. Did you know Anthony Hopkins was in Silence of the Lambs for only 18 minutes in all? Or that the nominees for this year’s Best Actor Oscar average 85 minutes on screen, but Best Actresses only 57 minutes? We complain here about Aamir Khan eating into Katrina Kaif’s screen time in Dhoom 3- but things are the same around the world aren’t they?

8. … and finally because we’ve all been ToI approved ‘good-women’ this week (quick, untag those pictures of you getting drunk in the midweek office party!), here are the gifs of Ranveer Singh dancing to Madhuri’s Dhak Dhak. Enjoy.

 For the week ending 27th February 2014

Photo Credit: Jon Díez Supat via Compfight cc

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