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Friendships: What Do You Get a Friend Who Has Everything?

Books, baubles and baking trays for your BFFs

Smart gifting ideas for your bestest friends- especially for the times when they are off chocolate!

My Big Red Bag loves giving (and receiving) gifts, but her friends are impossible to shop for. They don’t want brands because part of them is still vaguely socialist, they don’t want the latest best-seller because they’re too smart for it, you can’t give them a gift voucher because “money doesn’t buy love honey”, and though you CAN give them chocolates and they WILL eat them up (they are partial to coffee cocoa truffles or those tiny bottle-shaped ones filled with Cointreau) they will blame you for the calories ever after (And you can gift them those Zumba DVDs at your own peril!).

Here then is a small list of smart, surprising and delightful gifts that the My Big Red Bagger’s friends will love! And if you have a Red Bagger in your life (you lucky thing!), then look no further than the list below to put a smile on her face !

For the roomie

The unique bond between your first college/school roomie and you is one that can never be replicated. For her, and just her alone, we suggest a reminder of all those insecurities, the factions, the midnight parties, and that claustrophobic feeling that there is no world outside these walls in the form of the wonderful Prep by Curtis Sitenfeld. Or how about an acknowledgement of just how much you enjoyed her dry sense of humour, those witty asides, and that caustic wit she didn’t unleash often enough in the form of Sloane Crossley’s “I Was Told There Will Be Cake”?

For the fashionista

You knew she was one the moment she started rolling up her socks differently from the rest of the girls in school. She insisted she was just being herself, and that this was just something she was experimenting with. And then, next week, half your class had socks turned up just like her.

Since she’s always been the trendsetter, get her something trendy and a bit insane, something that only she can carry. If your budget extends that far check out this gorgeous hammered scalloped choker, or these Prism Mirror Statement Hoop earrings. But for something chic and yet affordable we love these satchels from  BandBox(ooh shiny!)


For the television freak

There is no point in recommending a new show to her, since chances are she’s already seen Season 1 and can’t wait for Season 2. But that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise her with something thoughtful and special. Perhaps she would like to read Tina Fey’s Bossypants or Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me?  Why not go desi, and get her that boxed set of Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi episodes instead of yet another American import? If she’s an 80s child, she is going to want to watch it the moment she receives it! Or perhaps a Breaking Bad inspired Yeah Science! T-shirt? Just don’t complain if she starts on her rant about Jesse Pinkman being a tragic hero yet again!!

For the one who once considered running away to join a band

You know,  you could just direct her to OkListen!  and let her sample and choose whatever Indie music she enjoys. Or get her  started with their compilation of  Love Songs . Not only does she get the thrill of listening to new and innovative Indie music acts before even the Dewarists or Coke Studio discover them, but also she gets the satisfaction of ensuring that most of her money is going directly to the artist! This is one gift that keeps on giving!

For the domestic diva

What she really and truly wants is a shiny new KitchenAid or some such but every fibre of your being protests against that.  So get into her good books with the lovely cookbook – Oh Calcutta by Anjan Chatterjee or buy her this stunning slate platter from The Summer House (and then plonk yourself in the living room while she devises the suitable cheeses and spreads to serve on it!)

For the Sporty One

If she hasn’t already read Agassi’s  Open (one of the most wonderfully searing portraits of sportsmanship at the highest level), then buy it right now. She already has her Team Jersey (and sweatshirt, and keychain), so don’t waste your money on any of those, but she may well like these super comfy Cotton World yoga pants to wear to the gym (or to lounge on the couch when watching Liverpool win comfortably against it’s competitors)

Editors Note:  The recommendations above are based on the editors’ personal tastes and opinions- these are NOT PAID endorsements. My Big Red Bag takes no responsibility for the availability of the items described above after the time of publication.

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