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Ghostbuster This! Gender Reversed Bollywood Hits We’d Love To See

Women of Filmy Substance

If you must remake Bollywood classics, why not gender-reverse the roles? Here are some suggestions

Bollywood Remake

The recent news about an all-female Ghostbuster had us rubbing our hands in glee!  Let’s face it- the entertainment industry is remake-obsessed. They will take each and every one of your childhood memories and usher them into the future (now with extra item numbers) whether you like it or not. But what if you don’t want to see Chris Pratt play Harrison Ford, or Ranbir Kapoor play a character once made famous by Dharmendra?

How about making a film with Sonakshi Sinha playing Angry Young Woman in a new-age Zanzeer (let’s ignore the Ram Charan Teja one completely, shall we). By doing gender-reversed remakes, not only do you get to use a story that the audience love, but also write more nuanced and interesting roles for actresses who are increasingly tiring of playing obligatory love interests.

Here are some ideas that Bollywood can begin with, and that we will pay good money to see on the screen.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

We’ve asked time and again (and again), for a female-bonding road-tripping film. Who we would like to see in the role of gals-having-fun-while-discovering-a-bit-about- themselves keeps changing , but given today’s weather we are leaning towards Huma Qureshi, Kangana Ranaut and Parineeti Chopra.


There have been surprisingly few films made about the strong  bond shared between sisters- their undying affection, their quiet rivalries and their endless conversations.. If the original Deewar was all about Ravi never quite measuring up to his older brother Vijay and reacting passive aggressively to him, the new version would see Shraddha Kapoor go toe-to-toe with elder sister and now crime magnate Tabu (of course she gets the show-boaty role) because she has always felt inadequate in her presence. The smuggling of gold into Mumbai is so 70s, that Tabu perhaps would be a corrupt real estate developer instead? But just like the original Vijay, she will retain a huge chip on the shoulder and a bruised ego that needs no provocation to fight.

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Speaking of sisters, we have been hearing rumours about a Rohit Shetty directed version of Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi starring Shah Rukh Khan and Varun Dhawan. And you know we love those men, but wouldn’t it be more fun to have Kajol play the head of the house to errant lovelorn sisters Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhat? And Varun Dhawan can stay on in the film, just in the Madhubala role of crowd-pleaser dimple-flashing love interest.

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What’s that you say? A sordid revenge piece about a young girl near-crazed with the idea of avenging her mother’s shame? So often does she recite the poem her mother taught her that you worry about her sanity. The girl needs to go so method and over-the-top that audience can’t really decide whether to clap in delight, or hang their heads in embarrassment? And you’re telling me that kickass Sonakshi Sinha is looking for a new script and no one has pitched this to her still?

Andaz Apna Apna

Blasphemy, you say! But think about it- the story of two small town crooks, in over their heads, one-upping the other, is ripe for a remake with two expert women comediennes. We like the idea of Vidya Balan playing one of the women( she was hilarious in the little-watched Ghanchakkar), and wouldn’t complain if Ileana D’Cruz played the other. Add Archana Puran Singh as Teja in the mix and you have a cult classic in your hands!


We don’t even care if we get a remake of the entire film. Just give us Rani Mukherjee and Preity Zinta palling it up like it is 1999 (and like they are acting in a gender reversed While You Were Sleeping) and singing this song together, and we will die happy.

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