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Let it Rain: Images from Literature

Purple Rain and Purple Prose

Our favourite lines from literature and verse, inspired by the rains!

What is it about the rains that inspires poetry and despair in equal measure? When scouring through Literature and Poetry for some of our favourite artists’ views on the rain, we were met with those who revelled in its life-giving powers, and others who complained about how it cast a cloud (pun unintended) over everything. Here are some of our favourite lines, about rain, and the entire spectrum of emotions that it inspires.

The Joys of A Rain Shower

Charles Bukowski clearly loved the rains. In one of his most quoted verses he says:

Funny Rains Quote_Charles Bukowski

In Everything, he muses about what we need after death, and no surprise, rain tops the list.

HARK! Rains Quote Charles Bukowski

And poet/activist Langston Hughes goes a step further in this ebullient paean to the most beautiful weather of all!

Langston Hughes Rain Poem

Like Murakami, we believe in the hypnotic and therapeutic powers of a cloud burst. Sometimes all you need to escape the world is the drizzle on your window and a cup of pitch black coffee in your hands.

Haruki Murakami Best Rain Quote

The Dark Clouds and Loneliness

Not everyone notices the rainbows though. To some- rain means misery and relentlessness.

Rilke compares the rain to loneliness in this verse full of evocative imagery. And while he may discount the happiness we feel with the first raindrop, even he can’t deny the beauty.

We prefer his despair though, to the phobia of rains, exhibited by Catherine Barkley, the original Manic Pixie Dream Girl as penned by Ernest Hemingway in A Farewell to Arms. Why would anyone feel thus?

Best Rain quote_Farewell to Arms

.. And A Couple of Favourites

Finally because we must, a couple of favourite poems.

One, the haunting Rainy Night, by Dorothy Parker that wrestles with temptations as fickle as the weather. Only Ms. Parker can describe herself thus and get away with it without coming across as wholly precious and intolerable.

Dorothy Parker

And secondly, Its Raining in Love by beat poet Richard Brautigan, in which lovers use conversations about the weather to disguise their true feelings. Ohh the sweet agony of not knowing if it will be a sunny day tomorrow, or if he will continue to love you the way he does today!

if a girl likes me a lot
and starts getting real nervous
and suddenly begins asking me funny questions
and looks sad if I give the wrong answers
and she says things like,
“Do you think it’s going to rain?”
and I say, “It beats me,”
and she says, “Oh,”
and looks a little sad
at the clear blue California sky,
I think : Thank God, it’s you, baby, this time
instead of me.


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Images: The Charles Bukowski & Haruki Murakami quotes have been designed on Canva. The Rainer Maira Milke quote has been designed on Fotor. The Farewell to Arms quote has been designed on Pablo.  The Dorothy Parker & Langston Hughes quotes have been designed on All images are the property of My Big Red Bag. 

This post was originally published on July 16, 2014

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