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MBRB Recommends: Accessories For The Monsoons

Pretty things to delight the shopaholic in you

Don’t let the rains play spoilsport to your inner fashion diva

Don’t let the rains dampen the shopaholic in you. Instead, here are a few pretty things to splurge on this monsoon. Let it rain!

Rain Coat

If you’re as traumatised by memories of the impossibly smelly raincoats from your school days as we are, you deserve a wardrobe update!

We love the simplicity and classic elegance of this double-breasted rain jacket from Zara. Its a little bit Jane Bond, and a little bit Ms. Marvel!

Double breasted Zara Rain Coat

And if that one’s too drab for you then why not revel in this 80’s inspired printed design from ASOS?

Monki Ditsy Rain Coat



This brightly coloured Black Stallion Jhola Bag from India Circus is the right complement for a perfect day about town.

Indiacircus Black Stallion Jhola Bag


It’s time to banish the blacks and browns when the skies are grey. Opt for these stylish retro white framed sunglasses to unleash the fashion diva in you.

koovs retro white sunglasses


Pair the white sunglasses with this funky watch from Swatch – the riot of colors in the dial are balanced by the pristine white silicone strap. And you don’t need to worry about any smudges!

Swatch watch


It’s best to carry your favourite heels and delicate stilettos in a separate bag during the monsoons, but why restrict your footwear to the boring old floaters? Instead, try these metallic leather Arizona shoes from Clarks, that come with a waterproof rubber sole. Elegant protection for your feet!

Clarks waterproof sandals


Now that you are dressed to kill, it’s time for one last accessory. This vintage umbrella from Nappa Dori is not very practical, but who cares about functionality when there is style at stake? Twirl it around your little finger, and just get out to soak in the rains!

nappa dori vintage umbrella

Outdoor Furniture

Enjoy your perfect cup of tea in the comfort of your terrace or balcony with the turquoise blue Elements Metal Balcony Set from Urban Ladder

indircircus outdoors furniture

And do you know what you need on the side? A mix of these delightfully kitschy Kettle planters from Poppadum Arts.

Poppadum Arts Kettle Planter


Can there be rains without Chai? For this weather may we suggest something radical, like using this soup mug for a bottomless cup of adrak chai? Believe us, it works!

Chai Soup Mug

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Image courtesy:Rakesh JV via Compfight cc

This post was originally published on July 17, 2014

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