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Monday Must List: Monsoon Beauty Products

All set to rock the rains!

Essential beauty products to overcome the humidity and grime of Indian Monsoons

It’s finally raining! The world outside our  window is drenched in shades of grey and green, the temperatures are a little bit lower,  and our cup of joy (and chai) floweth over! Unfortunately though,  monsoons bring with them splotchy cheeks, dry elbows and hair that don’t react too well to the pollutants in rain-water.  This Monday’s Must List therefore has some of our essential Monsoon Beauty Products- all desi, all organic and all perfect for the months of July and August.

Rustic ArtRustic Art’s Organic Aloe Vera – Orange and Cinnamon Gel

Rustic Art’s Organic Aloe Vera- Orange and Cinnamon Gel is perfect for seasonal break outs. It leaves your face feeling fresh and clean after a day spent in public transport or escaping from the awning of strangers’ umbrellas.  And like the best organic and natural products, it also smells earthy and wonderful. But perhaps our favourite aspect of Rustic Art products is their price point. Using this face gel is like treating your skin to an affordable spa day, and who doesn’t want that!


Forest Essentials Lavender Neroli Light Day LotionForest Essentials Lavender & Neroli Light Day Lotion

Forest Essentials uses Ayurvedic principles about skin types to recommend the right products for you and this lotion is especially recommended for the “kapha” or oily skin. But in this weather, its lightness- unusual in a fairly potent moisturiser-  is the perfect antidote for near about all skin problems. If you like to go through your day bare-faced then just a dab of this is great for making you feel radiant through through the day. What’s more, it also acts as a natural sunscreen to protect you  from the sun that peaks in from within the clouds every few hours!

Nirvaha Body Scrub Upbtan

Nirvaaha Natural Body Scrub Ubtan

This product is not quite as fancy as some of the other ones on the list, and it comes in an unassuming small bottle. But just mix it with milk or water for a full body scrub right before a bath, and you will be forgiven for feeling like royalty. Made of wild mustard, black sesame, chickpea, nagarmotha, majufal and manjeeth, the grainy texture of this uptan both exfoliates and pampers your tired body.

Tvam Natural

Tvam Naturals Mysore Sandal and Vetiver Bath Salts

The thick heady aroma of sandalwood reminds us of our grandmother’s cupboard with saree fresheners is small pouches, and of a time when Moti soaps were the height of luxury. The world may have moved on since then but we’ve retained our soft spot for this very old-fashioned of aromas for some reason. And Tvam Natural’s Bath Salts distil that smell in a new modern avatar. These bath salts rejuvenate and envelop you in memories after yet another day spent manoeuvring around muddy puddles and unseeing drivers.

Om Ved’s Shine and Protect Hair Mist

You don’t need another hair product, and it’s taken you years to finally find the shampoo-conditioner combination that works for you. But OmVed’s Shine and Protect Hair Mist is worth your time. It keeps your hair clean and unclogged through these humid days and is great for applying on unfortunate hat hair should you be stuck under a hoodie for long.

Do you have a favourite monsoon beauty fix? Tell us in the comments below. And don’t forget to gift yourself a Monsoon Story Box, the perfect pick me up for a rainy day!
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