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My Big Red Bag Survey: Friends with Benefits

Shhh! Let's NOT talk about sex, baby

The first of our monthly surveys looks at the prevalent Indian attitudes on sex before marriage.

While we at My Big Red Bag talk a lot about pop culture, and Bollywood, our favourite books and our favourite Khans- what we are really interested in is the way all of these bits and pieces really add up to the picture of urban Indian women today.

Our monthly surveys attempt to unlock different facets of these women- and to understand better some of their desires, impulses and every day frustrations. Don’t worry- we are not a covert market research operation trying to pry your deepest secrets. But we ARE interested in knowing you better. So go ahead, fill out this survey (it’s both anonymous and entirely confidential- pinky promise!); and share with other women you know. We’d love to hear from as many people as we can.


Photo Credit: Dr John2005 via Compfight cc

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