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New Beginnings: New Year Resolutions For A New You

The next year will be better, we promise!

Resolutions you can stick to. For everyone.

The Big Red Bag took a look at it’s New Year Resolutions from 2013 and went into throes of depression. To wit:

1. I will be the fittest I have ever been/run a marathon/ eat less carbs before the year ends

2. Less television, more reading

3. More organic, home cooked meals

4. Make new friends.


Let’s just say it was not a good year for us!! But personal failure has never stopped us from dispensing advise to others. So allow us to jump right in and suggest ‘doable’ New Year Resolutions to our readers for the year 2014.

For the Singles in the City

I will not judge my worth by the quality or quantity of responses I receive on dating websites.

I will not get mad at the neighbourhood aunty’s relentless questioning about my marital status. Instead, every Sunday morning, I will deposit the remaining cocktails from last night’s party into her beloved doorstop plants.

I will not spend my Friday evening tracking FB activity of the ex-es.

For Those Bored With Their Jobs

If they keep me back late in office, I will watch at least 30 minutes worth of cat videos on YouTube.

I will not exit a meeting till I’ve bested my Temple Run score.

I will not complain about my job without adding at least 5 more words to my resume (CV_v2014.1)

For Those with Tiny Monsters

I will not judge other mothers – no one’s perfect.

I will stop feeling embarrassed when she screams in public. Instead, I’ll just move two feet away and pretend she’s someone else’s baby.

I will not impose any restriction on her that I can’t live with myself. Every one deserves an occasional sweet treat.

I will never run out of raisins and tissues.

For Those Who Want to ‘Expand’ their Minds

I will download the movie version of the book only after I have read at least 50 20 pages.

I will not use the word ‘seminal’ or ‘essential’ for any piece of art that I’ve only read the reviews of.

I will cancel my subscription of the New Yorker and Caravan,  or stop reading the back-issues of Cosmopolitan at the hair dressers.

For Those Who Want to ‘Reduce’ their Waists

I will buy new gym shoes.

I will not use those gym shoes for walking to the local cupcake shop.

I will download new workout music.

I will not use the workout music as a background for downing cocktails.

For the Men

I will not ever again forward a “men are like this and women are like that” forward.

I will not base my relationships on advice from sitcom characters- neither Barney Stinson nor Ross Geller will get a girl in real life.

I will get over Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement and find a new hobby.

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