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The first stage of the league came to an end. Guangzhou Evergrande only needs to score 1 point to secure the top spot in the group. As a result, the team won a 2:1 victory, the players did not have new injuries, and some players who played fewer games also got the opportunity to play. The team basically successfully completed the pre-match goals.


In this game, although he was facing Henan Jianye, who gave up the first stage to prepare for the relegation competition, Cannavaro still did not dare to neglect, and arranged a pure main lineup without taking risks-the only change is injury After returning, Liao Lisheng, who performed well in the last FA Cup, took up the position of the back midfielder.


The team's attention was quickly reflected in the score. The team had a 2-0 lead early in the first half after only 25 minutes. After that, although Henan Jianye quickly recovered a goal, the two sides did not actually have too much perseverance, and the pace of the game between the two sides was not fast.


Also in the face of Henan Jianye, comparing the post-match statistics of the Football Association Cup, we can see that Evergrande ran 14KM less than in the Football Association Cup in this game, and passed 30 less. %. However, in terms of foul data, both sides have seen a substantial increase. Evergrande committed 18 fouls and 1 yellow card in this game, while Henan had 19 fouls and 1 yellow card. Overall, there were 13 more fouls than the previous game.

同样面对河南建业,对比足协杯赛后的统计数据,我们可以看到恒大在这场比赛中比足协杯少跑14KM,少跑了30KM。 %。但是,在犯规数据方面,双方都大幅增加。恒大在这场比赛中犯下18次犯规和1张黄牌,而河南则犯下19次犯规和1张黄牌。总体来说,上一场比赛犯规次数增加了13次。

From the perspective of the main defensive data, the numbers of tackles, clearances and interceptions on both sides are actually not low, and there are many areas where both sides have attacked the opponent's restricted area.


Judging from the relief position map of the two sides, it can be seen that Guangzhou Evergrande apparently played more defensive counterattacks after taking the lead. Therefore, Jianye’s range of clearance was significantly wider, while Guangzhou Evergrande’s defense in the backcourt, Henan Jianye can only attack the restricted area, and the actual effect is not very good.


This can also be confirmed from the heat maps of both parties. In addition to counterattacks, Guangzhou Evergrande’s main attack in this game was Henan Jianye’s left side ribs. Henan Jianye’s 21-year-old young left midfielder Niu Ziyi is obviously relatively immature in defense, especially in the sense of position. The obvious problem is that the two goals of Guangzhou Evergrande in this game are actually a huge gap in the ribs of Henan Jianye's left.


Although the first penalty was an accident, Kalanga tripped He Chao's defensive action although reckless, but from the screenshot of the moment He Chao received the ball, we can see that there was a clear gap in Henan Jianye's left. This ball He Chao chose to take the ball along the direction of the white solid arrow and it is not the best choice. If he passes the ball along the green dotted line, then he runs along the white dotted arrow. If they do, the threat will be even greater, and the multiple outflaps of Paulinho, Exon, Fernando and Yang Liyu have already taken shape.


The second goal attack is more obvious in the rib defensive loopholes. Because this is Yang Liyu's opportunity to fight for the frontcourt, Henan Jianye's defense obviously does not stand in a defensive position. Yang Liyu, Fernando, and Exon have two consecutive. The line between the top of the secondary arc and the ribs penetrated Henan's defense line.


This arc top-rib attacking routine is obviously an offensive routine that Guangzhou Evergrande is familiar with. In this ball, Henan's left center defender Niu Ziyi once again demonstrated his lack of defensive experience. He lost his defensive position when Fernando returned Exxon again.


Cannavaro: When the head coach of Evergrande, no matter who he is, he will definitely receive more criticism than praise. But whoever really understands football, who really understands football, who really knows this team will know what an important change this team has undergone in recent years. We often say that team data will not lie, numbers can reflect the quality of our work. We definitely still have room for improvement, but the speed at which we are improving is already huge. ………………If you say so, the best defense and the best offensive line, the least conceded and the most scoring data, this is not satisfied, I can only advise to go to the cinema to watch some new blockbuster movies. Source: Cannavaro pre-match interview

卡纳瓦罗:当恒大的总教练时,无论他是谁,他肯定会受到更多的批评而不是赞美。但是真正了解足球的人,真正了解足球的人,真正了解这支球队的人都将知道这支球队近年来发生了什么重要的变化。我们经常说团队数据不会亚搏外围网说谎,数字可以反映我们的工作质量。我们肯定仍有改进的空间,但是我们的改进速度已经很大。 ………………如果你这样说,最好的防守和最好的进攻路线,最少的承认和最多的得分数据,这是不满意的,我只能建议去电影院看一些新的大片。资料来源:卡纳瓦罗赛前采访

Before the game, Cannavaro once said very domineeringly that if fans are not satisfied with the performance of Guangzhou Evergrande in the first stage, they can only advise to go to the movies. Although this statement is slightly arrogant, we have to admit that Cannavaro has the confidence to say this.


Good record


Train new people


In terms of points and goal difference data, Guangzhou Evergrande ranked first in points, scored first, and scored a tie with Shanghai SIPG for the first place in one game less.


From the perspective of offensive and defensive efficiency, we calculate according to the efficiency of scoring and losing goals this season and the normal 30 rounds in the past. If we predict that in 30 rounds this season, Guangzhou Evergrande will score 73 goals and lose 25 goals. ball. On the premise that the defensive ability is the same as last year, the offensive ability has improved compared with last year. The overall offensive and defensive efficiency is between the 2013 and 2015 seasons, and the 18%+ goal rate is higher than any season in history. .

从攻防效率的角度,我们根据本赛季得分和失球的效率以及过去30轮的正常效率进行计算。如果我们预测本赛季在30轮比赛中,广州恒大将打进73球,输掉25球。球。在防守能力与去年相同的前提下,进攻能力与去年相比有所提高。总体进攻和防守效率在2013年至2015赛季之间,进球率为18%以上,高于历史上任何一个赛季。 。

Judging from the various data of the game organization, Guangzhou Evergrande’s 56.8% ball possession rate is second only to Beijing Guoan, and the 85% pass success rate is only slightly lower than Guangzhou R&F. From the data of tackles, interceptions, fouls, etc., Guangzhou Evergrande’s lowest goal score is obviously not achieved by tough and violent defense. Guangzhou Evergrande’s 14.2 fouls per game is second only to Group A. In Guangzhou R&F.


In terms of cultivating new talents, the weighted average age of Guangzhou Evergrande’s playing time this season has shown a gradual decline. It seems that in a sense, young people are constantly playing the role of succession in various positions.


From the three age classes of Guangzhou Evergrande this season, U21, U23, and U25, the proportion of players' league playing time (excluding the Football Association Cup) is calculated. Although U21's game time accounted for only 1%, it quickly rose to 11% in U23, and it rose to 28% in U25. In other words, if you look at the low start of Chinese players who can still [up the ball] after the age of 25, Guangzhou Evergrande obviously still has a group of players who need to be coached and trained under Cannavaro, and continue to improve in this way. The results of the senior class.


Under the brutal competition of Guangzhou Evergrande, it is not easy for young players to gain a foothold. mingel, public account: I have a seed [FA Cup teenager shines] It may be more difficult than imagined to kick out a future

在广州恒大的残酷竞争中,年轻球员很难站稳脚跟。 Mingel,公共帐户:我有种子[足总杯少年大放异彩]踢出一个未来可能比想象的要困难

Later, a reader reminded me that the foothold and training of young teenagers has a lot to do with the club's positioning and the style of the head coach. So I also counted the "two-year retention rate of newly promoted young players" that was not counted because of laziness in the last game. The caliber of the statistics is very simple: players who entered the team's squad that year, if the next year is still Retaining the team and finally have time for the game, it is calculated as a successful retention. The final statistical results are as follows:


Before 2018, many young players in the Guangzhou Evergrande team will be included in the first team list every year, but very few can actually be retained. In 2017, none of them stayed. But after 2018, the retention rate has risen to more than 50%.


Cannavaro: To give young players more opportunities, of course, does not mean that young players are not ready to play on the court, which may be detrimental to the growth of young players. It is also very difficult for young players. The young players are in the first team of Guangzhou Evergrande. Let alone the competition, it is already very challenging just to put into training. In this regard, we try our best to use all our abilities to train young players. Cannavaro post-match interview


Among these disciples of Cannavaro, we can talk about three people who have outstanding performance in this game today: Liao Lisheng, Jiang Guangtai and Gao Zhunyi. They can be said to be the representatives of talent and hard work.


Fans who are familiar with Cannavaro's speaking style must often hear him mentioning whether he can get a chance to play in training. Many Evergrande players also mentioned that Cannavaro's training volume is very large. It can be said that in Cannavaro's eyes, hard work is an indispensable thing for young players, regardless of talent. The most typical representative here is Liao Lisheng.


Perhaps many people don't realize that Liao Lisheng is one of the few players in the Guangzhou Evergrande team who has been in the team for 7 years and has played for 7 years. Mingel, public account: I have a seed [FA Cup teenager shines] It may be more difficult than imagined to kick a future. From Lippi era to the stunning debut, to Scolari era fixed on the right midfielder, and then to Cannavaro After returning to Evergrande, he was injured, then rented out Tianjin Tianhai, and then returned to Evergrande this year, injured, and then returned. Liao Lisheng's career has been bumpy. Unlike many players who became famous in World War I, his career development neither sings all the way nor hurts Zhongyong's high and low walks until he disappears. Liao Lisheng still persists in his struggle, hardworking and gaining his own advantage until today. .

也许很多人没有意识到廖立生是广州恒大队中效力已有7年,效力7年的少数球员之一。 Mingel,公共帐户:我有一个种子[足总杯少年大放异彩]踢一个未来可能比想象的要困难。从利皮时代到令人惊叹的处子秀,再到斯科拉里时代固定在右中场,再到卡纳瓦罗回到恒大之后,他受伤了,然后租出了天津天海,今年又回到了恒大,受伤了,然后返回。廖立生的职业生涯坎bump。与许多在第一次世界大战中成名的球员不同,他的职业发展既不会一直唱下去,也不会伤害中庸的高低起伏,直到他消失为止。直到今天,廖立生仍然坚持自己的奋斗,努力和获取自己的优势。 。

In this game, Liao Lisheng, who was in the backward position, was the core of the team's backcourt. He played 70 minutes with a ball possession rate of 7.3%.


Judging from the key pass data, Liao Lisheng contributed 4 key passes in 70 minutes in this game, overwhelming Ivo and ranked first in the game.


In terms of passing data, Liao Lisheng’s passing accuracy (70.6%), corner kick accuracy (79.2%) and free kick accuracy (100%) are unexpectedly high this season, and can even be called the first in the Super League. Up. Although there is a possibility of large errors in this data due to the limited playing time of Liao Lisheng, this accuracy rate is already scary enough.


The key passing data of this game also confirmed this. Liao Lisheng used four key passes in this game, one long back pass, one cross and two corner kicks. This is actually inseparable from Liao Lisheng's diligent set-piece practice. Perhaps some people have forgotten the inexistent National Olympics of 93, and forgot the three free kicks that the captain Liao Lisheng used to score before the National Olympics was out. These are just a few episodes of the failed National Olympics team. It is difficult to change the quality of the failure of the 93 Olympics. But for Liao Lisheng, it was the ability he could see to settle down.


So for Liao Lisheng, perhaps we should let go of our prejudices and admit his shortcomings as well as his strengths. The 27-year-old is not so young, but we can't directly label him [no progress] and ignore his silent effort and improvement, even if it is just an improvement of a set ball.


Cannavaro: We don’t have a real left back. Micro Motion is a central defender. He has always been at the left back for Cannavaro’s post-match interviews.


Because of Li Xuepeng’s injury, he came to Guangzhou Evergrande’s Gao Zhunyi with the title of technical center back. In fact, he has been at the left back position for more than a season, and he has also been quietly improving at the left back position. . From the beginning, I didn’t dare to put in a big way, and then I could only break to the right foot to make a cross. At the beginning of the season, I cut my right foot and then exploded into the ball. Recently, I have started to pass with my left foot frequently. If you compare carefully We can only be amazed by his tremendous progress and rare talent, just as Gao Zhunyi, who has just served as a left back.

由于李学鹏的受伤,他以技术中心的头衔来到了广州恒大的高准仪。实际上,他在左后卫位置已经有一个多赛季了,并且在左后卫位置也一直在悄悄地进步。 。从一开始,我就不敢大举出手,然后我只能摔到右脚做一个十字架。在赛季开始时,我右脚受伤,然后突然爆炸。最近,我开始经常左脚过去。如果您仔细比较,我们就像他刚刚担任左后卫的高准仪一样,会对他的巨大进步和稀有才能感到惊讶。

The above picture shows the cross positions of the two full-backs of Guangzhou Evergrande in this game. Micro Motion made three crosses and Zhang Linpeng twice. Micro Motion Wing, who is at the left-back position, has actually slowly mastered the ability to pass with his left foot, although this ability is not purely yet. And a full-back with a balanced left and right feet, its threat and value are much stronger than a one-foot fullback.


Of course, we can always complain about the inability to introduce a genuine left back, but to be honest, with the continuous improvement of Micro Motion, how many left backs can be found in China that is currently stronger than Micro Motion? At present, the 25-year-old Micro Motion is both talented and diligent. Isn't it worth looking forward to?


At the beginning of the season, I used the data of Jiang Guangtai last season to analyze his abilities. With the inc亚搏体育比分直播视频rease in the number of his appearances this season, the error of the data has also been corrected, but the general characteristics are still similar. His defensive data per 90 minutes this season are: 0.6 Tackles, 83.4% success rate; 1.1 interceptions, 3.1 clearances, 1.1 shotsblocked. Generally speaking, he still has strong ability to clear and block siege, and he is not very fond of shoveling. This has a lot to do with his strong chasing ability and strong body.

在赛季开始之初,我使用了姜光泰上赛季的数据来分析他的能力。随着本赛季他出场次数的增加,数据的错误也已得到纠正,但总体特征仍然相似。本赛季每90分钟他的防守数据是:0.6铲球,成功率83.4%。 1.1次拦截,3.1次失误,1.1次盖帽。一般而言,他仍然具有清除和阻止攻城的强大能力,并且他不太喜欢铲子。这与他强大的追逐能力和强壮的身体息息相关。

In this game, he once again showed us a strong ability to clear and block. The central defender formed by him and Park Ji-soo formed an excellent complement, with a strong ability to clear and block, and Park Ji-su’s very strong tackle ability made up for Jiang Guangtai’s lack of shoveling. To a certain extent, Guangzhou Evergrande is actually not an advantage in the Super League in terms of the configuration of super foreign aid this season. Paulinho is certainly the first foreign aid in the Super League, but Exon, Fernando and Los Angeles The wealth of the country may not be able to match the SIPG An Luneng Suning. But despite the super foreign aid, Guangzhou Evergrande’s defense line is the super advantage of the Super League, and should be better utilized.


Chase back, block


Three positions are not a problem


Block pass


Direct intercept and steal in the penalty area


Concentrate, detect danger in time and clear the siege


Blocked in front of the door, the goalkeeper doesn’t work


The three young people are 25, 26, and 27 years old. Perhaps it is the epitome of young people struggling in Guangzhou Evergrande. Be tolerant of young people, and maybe they will continue to surprise us.


Many teams will have some fixed attack combinations, such as SIPG's Oscar assists Anau's attack combination, Guoan's Vieira assists Alan's combination. And who is the assist and goal combination that Guangzhou Evergrande calls the most? Can you guess it?


The a亚搏体育比分直播视频nswer is: Yang Liyu assists Paulinho. Did you guess right?


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