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Organizers For Home & Office : Monday Must List

De-stress and de-clutter!

De-clutter your home and office with these stylish accessories

organizers accessories for home and office

The MBRB headquarters are a sight to behold these days – stacks of boxes, big rolls of bubble wrap, packing materials in all shapes and sizes and realms of tape in every shade of the rainbow (we are celebrating the Monsoons after all!). After spending a precious half hour searching for a pair of scissors, we realized that some semblance of order needed to be restored.

The chaos turned out to be the inspiration for this week’s Monday Must List. Whether you are looking to organize your jewellery, gadgets, books or knick knacks, we have you covered with this list of unique and utilitarian accessories to de-clutter and organize your home and desk.

For Your Jewellery: Tree of Trinkets & Victorian Flowers Jewellery Stands by Wishing Chair

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Show off your collection of rings, earrings and pendants on this beautiful Tree of Trinkets by Wishing Chair. And instead of hunting through endless boxes for your necklaces, why not display them on the Victorian Flowers Jewellery Stand. Don’t blame us if you end up earning your besties’ envy!

Pretty Jewellery Organizer home decor accessories


Pretty Jewellery Organizer home decor accessories

For Your Books: Splat Bookends by Mukul Goyal

Mukul Goyal’s figurine inspired accessories infuse style and refinement into even the most mundane objects (for proof, check out this ID Stapler). The Splat Bookends (in Red and Black) are the perfect accessory to organize your favourite books in the living room.

Splat-Bookends-Red-Mukul Goyal  home desk organizer accessories

For Your Desk: Moby Desk Organizer by Engrave Dot In

Even though all our notes are now stored on Evernote, our desk feels incomplete without a desk organizer. This Moby Desk Organizer made of pinewood not only organizes your pens, pencils, notebooks and mobile phone, it also makes you smile in the midst of  a particularly dreary day!

Desk Organizer Engrave home desk accessories

For Your Knick Knacks: Stackable Boxes by Gifts of Love

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like boxes to stow away all our little knick knacks, from pictures and letters to receipts, buttons and ribbons! But boxes also take up lots of space, which is why we love these stackable boxes by Gifts of Love. Sturdy and pretty when in use, easily folded away when empty, they are essential accessories to organize your home.

knick knack boxes  home desk organizer accessories

For Your Gadgets: Battery Bar by PoppadumArt

Chances are that there is one corner of your desktop or living room that is a tangled web of cables and chargers – your laptop, smartphone, tablet, Kindle, iPod and sundry other devices all go there. PoppadumArt’s Battery Bar restores some order to the mayhem with its multiple slots for devices and cables. And it looks super stylish too!

batter bar home desk organizer accessory

For Your Lists: Doodle Lists by Sky Goodies

All these specialized apps notwithstanding, there’s nothing like putting pen to paper to get the mind organized. Not only can you put up these paper lists anywhere – from your chalk board to the refrigerator door – it is much more exciting to skim through a handwritten travel list than scroll through the one on your smartphone. Whether you are planning a party or simply wading through a bunch of things to do, Sky Goodies Doodle Lists have you sorted with their quirky drawings and handy categories.

Doodle To Do Lists home desk organizer accessories

Own an unusual organizer for the home or office? Share with us in the comments below, and don’t forget to gift yourself a Monsoon Story Box, the perfect pick me up for a rainy day!
Check out our other Monday Must Lists here : from books and movies to must-have accessories, we have it all covered! 

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