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Coffee & Conversations, Anyone?

My Big Red Bag curates ideas and inspirations for the contemporary Indian woman. Our content is a mix of opinions, recommendations and interviews, and our readership is made up of both residents and NRIs. We welcome contributions that offer original perspectives to our readers.

Contribute Content

All contributions to be sent to

If you have a unique voice or are inordinately passionate about something, then talk to us. We are always looking for new writers, journalists, photographers, illustrators, data visualisers and cultural commentators to add to our roster of contributors. Just remember the 5 step guide to getting published on MBRB:

*   Be original. No plagiarism or inspired duplication please!
*   Be passionate
*   Resist the urge to use text speak (ROFL) or abbreviations (Gimme)
*  Leave your prejudices at home and save your expletives for the car
*  Include links to your existing blogs/ published works/  LinkedIn or social media profile

We are looking for original perspectives on any topic that is of interest to the modern woman – from current news to finances, careers, relationships and popular culture. We have a particularly soft corner for fiction, poetry and vernacular writing. Find out more about what we write here, or simply spend some time exploring the site.

You can send us a short synopsis of your article or simply drop a line to discuss potential themes. We would also love to collaborate on original research and investigative reporting.

Partner With Us

Reach us at
Blogs, Magazines & Publications

If you are a publication or blog that is interested in a content partnership, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a note at

Academics & Researchers

If you have conducted original research that would be of interest to our readers, we would be happy to work with you to produce a publishable version. We would also love to collaborate on research projects focused on the role of women in society, home and the workplace. Write to us at to discuss this.

Business Entities & Not For Profits

If you are looking for a platform to engage with the modern Indian woman, or have a cause or product that you’d like to collaborate on, please contact us at

What We Offer

*   Lots of love!
*   Complete editorial support, from helping finalize the theme to tips on developing the storyline and copy editing.
*   A byline that includes a brief biography and the link to your website/email address.
*   Promotion through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media platforms. Outstanding articles will get coverage in our weekly newsletter which is delivered to ~300 people.
*   A community of over 50,000 engaged visitors,which is growing rapidly every day. Our readers are global citizens, with over 60% based in India.
*   Regular contributors will be introduced on our Team Page with a short biography, website and social media profile.

We do not usually pay our contributors, but are willing to consider financial compensation if you have an idea or story that is particularly compelling. If you want to chat about anything else, drop us a line at

Find out more About Us, the MBRB People or Contact Us.