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Pretty Things for this Season!

Kickstart spring with some kicky fashion and design ideas

Spring – the season of colour and joy and the sun. MBRB shares its favourite fashions from the season

We struggled with putting together a Spring must have list for our readers- wondering whether it was perhaps too frivolous an endeavour.

But then we got thinking- as Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche asked in February’s Elle Issue- why can’t a smart woman love fashion? And who is it that decides that it should be hand loom sarees for the Delhi intelligentsia and little black dresses for the Mumbai socialites?

Fashion- first and foremost- is a form of self expression- for intelligent, beautiful, opinionated and every other kind of woman in the world. Don’t let the magazines or the television tell you what you with your pear, apple or celery shaped body should wear (and seriously, isn’t there something so wrong-headed about naming women’s body types after fruit?), or what is ‘appropriate’ for you as an academic, or office executive, or art director.

Wear what you love. Wear what makes you happy. If we are often seen in Dilli Haat kurtis it’s not because we don’t care enough, but because that’s what we like most. And if that shiny red Armani in the mall screams your name every time you pass it by, don’t worry about not being “J Lo enough” for it. There’s a little but of “Jenny from the block” in all of us. Just embrace your style and refuse to apologize!

We have chosen the pieces below because spring-at MBRB- means an infusion of colours, a chance to finally get rid of those winter layers, and an occasion to picnic in the parks and dance in the balconies with our glass of rose. None of these recommendations are a paid endorsement (we wish!) Just a chance to share what we are loving this season, with the women we love in every season!


1. After covering yourself in more layers than there are matches in the IPL, Spring is the perfect time to flaunt a little bit of bare-backed fun. And there’s no better way to do this than with a necklace worn backwards like Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars. We love this crazy structural oddity from ASOS Marketplace and it comes with the perfect compliment in the form of those lovely dangling earrings!

Green Cambric PantsStripe Cami


2. We are all about colour this spring, and these Green Cambric pants will go just as well with our short khadi kurtis, simple tanks or formal pleated white shirt as it does with the crop tank displayed by the model in the picture! (Bonus: they are just screaming for a Red Bag!)

3. We love the slouchy sailor vibe of this top and believe it will look perfect with our green cambric pants or over a light coloured capri for just the right sun-dappled spring look you’re going for.


Spring Skirt StylistaJuvalia Cuff










4. This white blouse with jewel appliqué from Zara is just what we want with our bright spring skirt – perfect for a day out with friends

5. Splashes and dashes of our favourite spring colors: can’t take our eyes off this skirt! Exactly what we need to welcome the warmer months.

6. Polka Polka Blue Cuff from Juvalia & You – a simple accessory to complement your beautiful spring ensemble, or to wear to work with a basic suit.

Pipa Bella Aisha

7. These Aisha earrings from Pipa Bella will add a touch of class to any outfit, but they will work particularly well with our spring “Day Out” outfit displayed above.

8. We love the bright coffee mugs at India Circus, but there is something refreshingly simple about this Banana Chequered Leaf Coffee Mug. Somehow, it seems just right for enjoying the first whiff of spring.

Shruti Sancheti

9. Red Hot: If you can splurge a little bit more, you may want to do so on this delicate, pink and white beauty from Shruti Sancheti’s Lakme 2014 collection. We gave up bubblegum pink at the age of 4, but just might make an exception for this cheerful little number (unfortunately doesn’t ship to India, but Shruti’s collection does retail at various locations all over the country!)

Color Block Shirt

10. Don’t tell us colour blocking is so last season. We can’t get enough of this simple colour blocked top from Jaypore and are already looking for the perfect pair of trousers to pair it with

Have a favourite Spring Wardrobe staple and care to share the secret with MBRB readers? Tell us in the comments below, we are always looking for new fashion inspiration!

Photo Credit: Sprengben [why not get a friend] via Compfight cc

The MBRB Shopping Lists are a reflection of our tastes and preferences. These are not paid endorsements; and MBRB cannot guarantee availability of the items displayed at the time of purchase.

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