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Life. Laughter. Inspirations.

My Big Red Bag is a platform for women who refuse such easy labels as mother, housewife, nerd or fashionista. We attempt to discover, debate and often decimate current news and popular culture from the perspective of the modern Indian woman. Our current writing focuses on:

Travel: Secret getaways, driving holidays, walking tours, pop culture travel guides, stories about journeys

Pop Culture: Bollywood, Hollywood, TV Shows, Music, Art, Theatre, Comedy

Literature: Book reviews, author interviews, reading recommendations, original poetry & fiction

Lifestyle:  Views on breaking news, innovative ideas, fashion, finance, decor, technology, careers, entrepreneurs, parenting, singledom, health, sex, relationships, and more.

Your Daily Read: The best from around the web, shaken and stirred.

Our USP is our unusual perspectives and the quality of our writing. We love nothing better than a new twist to a popular narrative (5 new versions of DDLJ, anyone?), and we make sure that every piece that you read on MBRB is sharp, intelligent, enjoyable and thought provoking (Modesty be damned).

The Team

My Big Red Bag is started by two women who passionately believe that real women dig more than chick lit and that intelligent writing doesn’t have to be obtuse. We also have a diverse bunch of contributors who reflect the MBRB quirks – fun, feminism, imagination, wit and lots of pluck! Feminism that is Fun? Yes, haven’t you been paying attention?

Join The Conversation

MBRB is not about our rants and opinions – though we confess we like nothing better than a good crib. We genuinely believe in the power of diversity and discussions. We are constantly looking for ideas, individuals and institutions that help shape the gender conversation in India. We are also open to content partnerships and product affiliations.

Our focus is the Indian woman but we would love to expand the dialogue to women across Asia. Find out more about how you can participate here.

We hope you enjoy exploring My Big Red Bag as much as we enjoy putting it together. Read the bits that interest you, share with your girlfriends and smart guyfriends, keep coming back for more (please!) and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

Find out more about the MBRB People, how you can Participate or Contact Us.