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Real Housewives of Gurgaon- An Introduction

The social butterflies of Beverly Hills have nothing on them!

A sneak peek into the lifestyle of the rich and famous- Gurgaon style.

(Any resemblance to people real or fictitious is purely co-incidental!)

Pammiji :  The middle daughter of the Bhinderwala Rice fortune, married into the even bigger Deekay Liquor fortune.  Herself a teetotaller. Mother to one daughter, Bitty (now Betty), wife of Jayant- scion of the Goeltech fortune in “Silicone Valley”. Pammiji would like to visit her daughter  and grand daughter but unfortunately Meru baba has told her that her stars forbid traveling across any water body for the next six years . Meru baba has also insisted that Deekayji should not wear shoes in office (for his health), but Deekayji -bless his modern heart- just doesn’t listen. That’s why Pammiji is conducting a grand satsang in her house for all 9 days of Navratri with Meru Baba’s troupe, to ward  off the evil eye. Loves rummy, karva chouth and designer pure silk sarees. Pet Project : Naina

Naina:  Originally from the third richest family of Bareilly, Naina has only just moved to Gurgaon six months ago with her “hubbie” Vinay.  Vinay is the sole heir to the Tickly Tikki fortune- a chain of Punjabi food restaurants (shudd desi ghee, pure veg- now with branches in Singapore, Dubai and London).

Naina loves shopping and Shahrukh and her one regret is that Daddy didn’t cough up the money for him to dance at her Shaadi. Pammiji worries that Naina is not Gurgaon-ready but Naina is unfazed. She was not elected Head Girl of Bareilly High for her academic (questionable) or athletic (dancing) prowess ; but for  her ability to win over half the student body with little more than a strategically flashed smile.  Currently obsessed with owning her own pink Ferrari . Frenemy Number One: Lotty

Lotty (Mrs. Latika Singhania to you): Proud owner of the most lithe body in the NCR region. Lives in a private residence on Golf Course Road , flanked by 4 dark moochad guards and two purebred Dobermans.  Has a fully equipped Pilates studio in her house, three personal trainers and nutritionists on call, and an Olympic length indoor swimming pool. Rumour has it that this obsession stems from a Karan Johar kind of chubby-to-chic transformation in her early 20s.  Wears only Manish (Agarwal, not Bollywood-y Malhotra). No one is quite sure how the elderly Mr. Singhania made his fortune or where Lotty is from, but everyone is slightly afraid of her vinegar tongue and extremely toned arms. Is sworn enemies with Naina ever since Naina compared them to those of a chimpanzee. Occasionally shares non-fat cocktails with:  Joya B

Joya B:  Detests’  Gurgaon and has only been temporarily staying her till her palatial Jor Bagh residence is refurbished. Has personally supervised works from tribal artists of 8 different states for the decor. The worst part of staying in an apartment is that the halls are not big enough for both her Shergills and Husseins, and leaving one behind felt like a decision of ‘Sophie’s Choice’ proportions (she picked Shergill). Ms. B is not technically a  housewife like the rest . While Mr. B runs one of the largest banks in India, she is on the board of 6 different charities in choice fashionable causes. Stoic sufferer of a ‘heat allergy’, she spends the worst months of summer in Paris.  Her son Ambar is classmates with IkTara; daughter of: Divya Gandhi

Divya Gandhi (Not related to ‘those’ Gandhis):   a one-time soap opera actress  best known for playing the vamp in Kkaise Kkahoon Kkucch Bhee , Ms. Gandhi is now proud mother of IkTara (14)  and Krsn (11) and head of Golf Heights Parents Teacher’s Association. GCon (Ek Ghar Banaayein Aap Aur Hum)  had to construct two new wings in Golf Heights pro-bono to ensure IkTara passed the last two grades. As head of PTA and backer of a promised third wing, Divya yields considerable power. It is her life’s mission to ensure the school’s ‘status is maintained’. Her efforts include organization of a Cricket Camp with a World Cup Winner, and running post to post to arrange a work visa for Gurgaon’s only original Russian Ballet Dance Teacher for the school. Refuses to attend Pammiji’s satsang party, unless she gets her driver to withdraw his son from IkTara’s class

The battle lines are drawn.

(to be continued)

4 Comments on Real Housewives of Gurgaon- An Introduction

  1. Ritu Prasad Pandey // January 3, 2014 at 9:01 pm // Reply

    Oh, this is funny :) Nice character development.. Really look forward to reading more!

  2. Hilarious! Rivals diary of a social butterfly, waiting for more :)

  3. Waiting for what happens next..Keep writing.

    • Thanks for the comments folks! We can’t wait to bring the second instalment to you as well. Our trained monkeys are typing it out as we speak:)

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