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Spiti Valley: Bluer Than Blue

The colours and splendour of Spiti Valley

There are many shades of blue, grey and brown in one of the most stunning landscapes in India

This blue is new.

Back home murky grey seeps into the muddy land

This blue doesn’t merge. Aloof. Disconnected.

From the grey below.

That. Dull. Arid. Dead. Grey.

Stillness in life, once inconceivable

In the distance, I imagine the razor’s edge. Air | Land. 

spiti valley landscape

Rocks climb onto each other

And mountains pierce the skies

Crowned with white icing…

The cake of time.

spiti valley landscape

Rivers of aqua carve out valleys

Where rocks are marked with another water’s past

Lines of the sea that once lived here.

Lines from a world that once swam here.


spiti valley landscape

We walk around the hills.

Breath – less. Quick – ly.

Oxygen! You’ve ditched us for the plains!

This was once under the sea.

under the sea

Tell me Spiti, how did you rise so high?

spiti valley landscape

Blue. White. Grey. Aqua. Blue.  Awe

Yet– I’m homesick for green.

spiti valley landscape


Spiti Valley lies in the Himalayas, nestled been the ‘much-touristed’ Shimla and Manali and sharing a border with Tibet. It is a 6- 10 hour drive on mostly rocky roads  from Manali. Spiti and Lahaul district have a combined population of 33000 and the capital city of Kaza has a scanty 3000 odd residents.

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Editor’s Note: This article was edited on May 21, 2014

Bhavani is a traveler by choice, photographer by interest and writer by desire. She crafts tours for and has been published at Lonely Planet India’s website, The Alternative, Talking Cranes, Unboxed Writers, City Ninjas and Indian Express. She is in a dedicated relationship with chocolate, her husband and exclamation marks – though rather confused about the order of preference! You can join her journey at

1 Comment on Spiti Valley: Bluer Than Blue

  1. Kala Ramesh // May 21, 2014 at 8:44 am // Reply

    I think the words and the photos have come together so well here.
    It’s a real treat! When two art forms come together [and come together so well like in this feature] then the outcome is nothing but grand.
    Thank you

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