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Stories of Sisterhood: The Saraf Sisters Grow Up Together

Nothing compares to growing up as one of four sisters!

Four sisters on a shared adolescence, and growing up together

Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Instagram will know that the MBRB girls are celebrating Raksha Bandhan by exploring the bond between sisters (Why are we doing this? Find out here). All through August, we will bring you stories about sisters – many of them regular women like you and me; some of them famous, such as the Ranaut and the Phogat sisters. Write to us if you have a story, poem or picture to share about your sister/s, tag us on FB or Insta with sisterly inspiration, and help spread the word by sharing our Stories of Sisterhood


The Saraf Sisters are (in chronological order): Alpana, Archana, Upasana and Vivechana.
Upasana, a psychologist by profession, has always been the booklover among the sisters- the one who introduced the others to the latest books, and the one who loves reading and writing.
Here she is, talking about growing up together.


Growing up was so much fun
Smiling through the rain and sun
Laughing silly, fighting mad,
Trying out every single fad.

Trading secrets, hiding stuff,
Walking away in angry huff
Reading M&B’s hidden from sight
Trying out cosmetics in the light.

Making up all kinds of funny names
Periods – OMG! Such a pain
Boyfriends, teasing, copying notes,
Flying kites and making boats.

The window seat in the car
Bagging the phone for endless hours
Whose movie idol was the best?
Who was prettier than the rest?

Heartaches, breakups, all those tears
We were together in pain and fear
Running down insensitive guys
Their faithless promises and their lies.

It did not matter we had no brother
We had everything with each other
A sister is a forever friend
The thread that binds with love and strength.

Want to talk about the unique bond you share with your sisters? Contribute to this series by mailing us with what sisterhood means to you, or tagging us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Prose, verse, pictures and caricatures are welcome, as are bouquets and daggers


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