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The MBRB 2015 Long Weekend Guide

Where are you travelling to in 2015?

A new place to visit for every long weekend through 2015

Long Weekend Thekkady

There’s no better way to begin a work year than to glance surreptitiously at the calendar and to circle all of the upcoming long weekends.

On some years every holiday falls stranded in the no man’s land of a Tuesday or a Wednesday, and you are left drinking the night before, and catching up on dull errands on what should be a day of invigoration. In worse years, holidays have the habit of plonking themselves right in the middle of a Saturday or Sunday, ensuring that what could be two days of R and R is reduced to one day of hurtling between undone laundry and family gatherings.

But some, like this one, bring with them plenty of opportunities to drive/fly/swim over to the places you’ve always wanted to see without dipping into your limited leave quota.

And what’s even better, is that these opportunities are dotted across the calendar year- traversing from January to December, ensuring you don’t get stuck in your desk for too long at a stretch. So print out our suggestions, call the travel agent, and get planning!

2015 Long Weekend Guide

24th-26th January: The Republic Day Weekend

While some insist that Goa’s charms are all-weather in nature, we can’t abide by it in any month but December and January.  For the rest of the year the sussegado is cramped by too much sun, and too little of that crisp sea breeze that makes it all worthwhile. And lets face it, parts of December are ruined by the crowd of New Year revellers who are altogether too young, too loud and too bright.

So head to Goa (or Pondicherry, if that’s nearer), for the first cool beach weekend of the year.

6th-8th March: The Holi Weekend

While Vrindavan may appeal to the more raucous of our readers, we can’t think of a better place to spend Holi than in Santi Niketan’s Basanta Utsav. Spend a day exploring Kolkata with your taste buds, and then head to Bolpur -Santiniketan for the quiet majesty of its Holi celebrations. There is bound to be something here to please the cultural maven, the aesthete, the experience seeker or just the relentlessly curious. 

Don’t forget to take your best DSLR along to capture the colors and the mayhem!

April 03: Easter Weekend

The monsoons are still a month away, and the air up in Munnar is pleasantly dry, and much cooler than the plains below. We can’t think of a better place to spend early April than here or its neighbouring tea estates.  For nearly the exact same reasons (salubrious hikes, great greenery, and an escape from the scorching plains) Lansdowne in the north of India makes an equally attractive getaway,

May 01 (May Day) – May 04 (Buddh Purnima)

For some of you this may be the rare 4 day weekend. And if you can, then you must make it to Corbett National Park which only opens remains open from November- June every year. Yes, it will be unbearably hot, but that’s what brings the tigers closer to the watering holes. And if you can’t stand the heat you can always escape to the cooler hills of Kumaon just a few hours away by road for part of your vacation.

September 25th-27th: Bakr Eid/October 2nd-4th: Gandhi Jayanti

Just one week apart, these two long weekends come at the ideal time for a relaxing restful vacation after the dry summer months. If you can’t skip the four days in between and escape for a longer holidays we recommend a quick trip to Amritsar (for the food, the Temple, and the Wagah Border), or an escape to the Western Ghats for this season. While nothing quite beats the post-monsoon splendour of the Ghats (we’ve mentioned Ratnagiri in these pages before), you may do well to visit the Golden Temple before it is enveloped in wintery fogs.

October 22nd-25th: Dussehra/Vijayadasami/Moharram

Kutch Kutch Kutch!

While all of India is at its best in October (Seriously, if the whole year was a revolving 12 month roster of October in different shades we wouldnt complain), you have to go an see Kutch this long weekend. The great white sands of this beautiful location take on a peculiar autumnal glow and the Little Rann of Kutch begins to echo with the sounds of migratory birds arriving for the winters. Hire a car from Ahmedabad and explore this beautiful region of country for what may well be your most memorable weekend of the year.

December 25th: Christmas

Decembers are for lazing on the beach with little more than a beer bottle at arm’s length. Forego Goa for Diu this year. Emptier, lazier, a bit duller but nonetheless a perfect capper on what should be a wonderful year ahead.

Where are you heading to? 

Photo Credit: Thierry Leclerc 60 via Compfight cc

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  1. Perfect guide to plan my Weekend

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