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The MBRB Book Club: What The World is Saying About The Goldfinch

Struggling with The Goldfinch? Here's some inspiration!

Sarah Jessica Parker can’t get it out of her head, and there’s going to be a movie version soon! Now you HAVE to read The Goldfinch!

DonnaTartt-TheGoldfinch cover

Have you started reading the Goldfinch yet? We are about a 100 pages in- after a couple of false starts and sputters- and who can blame us?  But at this stage we are so hooked. Really, what we want to do more than anything else is to take Theo Decker home, bring him a hot cup of soup and just hug him and tell him everything will be OK. (We hope? If you’ve reached the end tell us he will be alright!)

Anyway, just thought we would share assorted odds and ends and impressions about the book for those of you who are in for the ride!

1. Did you know that the Goldfinch was going to be a movie soon, made by the same people as the Hunger Games?  And is there anything more fun than saying -“I read the book and it was better”- when the movie arrives?
People are already dream casting it all over the Interwebs. (We love the idea of Rachel Weisz as Theo’s beautiful artist New Yorker mother!)

2. One of our favorite pop culture columnists sums up her issues (We think?) with the book!

3. Jojo Moyes, writer of our favourite tear jerker from the last year- Me Before You- suggests you get to reading The Goldfinch pronto


4. And if you are in Europe, then make sure you see the actual painting by Carel Fabritius that inspired this book. (Lovely isn’t it?)

5. One more last review- from none other than the original Carrie Bradshaw (now you HAVE to read it)

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