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The MBRB People

Gauri Mohan

For the last 20 years strangers have heard Gauri’s name, smiled and exclaimed: “That’s the same as Mr.SRK’s wife!”. She didn’t find the joke funny when she was 13 and she doesn’t find it funny now. But she’s always smiled (she aims to please). Gauri’s pet dislikes include people who identify themselves based on their marital status, where they studied and what their job designation is – so she won’t tell you any of those, but if you read enough of her, you’ll know. She loves her two year old, behavioural economics and her television, is scared of cats, and is the oldest person she knows without a driver’s licence. Gauri’s dream for My Big Red Bag is for it to be a meeting place for passionate and intelligent women. She  has always been a story teller – as her exhausted friends will attest, and loves talking about her favourite books and TV shows. So drop her a line and she will definitely get back to you.

Hina Rajpal

Hina may look like a well coiffured “Corporate Type” on the outside but is really a Happy Hippie on the inside. Hina loves her car and her kid sister (not strictly in that order) and can always be found with her big cup of coffee. Her ideal male companion is a cross between Roger Federer and Vikram Seth, and since there aren’t too many of those around, she’d rather drink wine with her gal pals. Hina is a management consultant by profession, enjoys nothing better than racy thrillers and Phoebe-esque PJs and still hasn’t figured out a way to say No to a New Adventure. When she is not saving the world against bad-mannered literates, she is waging war against maniacal driving and incorrect grammar. She likes nothing more than just getting into a car with her best friends and not stopping till the fuel runs out, and hopes My Big Red Bag will help you find similar friends. Drop her a line if you want to debate the pleasures of Bangalore versus the pains of Gurgaon.

Our Writers

A former bureaucrat, a practising lawyer, a marketing executive, a full-time mom of twins, a free spirited traveller : these are just some of the fantastic women and men who write for MBRB. Care to join the conversation? Drop us a note at

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