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Trailer Talk: Bang Bang, Khoobsurat and Mary Kom

It's raining trailers in Bollywood, but is it worth rushing off to the multiplex?

Delving into the trailers of Bang Bang, Khoobsurat & Mary Kom

If last week had us chortling in glee at the thought of three entertaining movies, this week has us despairing over the state of Bollywood again. Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Bang Bang

Remember when we thought that Hrithik Roshan will constitute a serious challenge to the Khan brigade? Today, he looks like a full blown mid life crisis at play. That too-ersatz tan, the too-tight curls, and the carefully sculpted abs that make him look like a fading Italian count – all contribute to distracting from his actual performance. We always like him when he plays earnest, but for some reason he wants to be a leaping-jumping-swirling-twirling action/dancing star, and Bang Bang seems another step in that direction.

Three other things that worry us about the trailer:

a. It is always a bit telling when the smart guys at marketing weren’t able to find a single trailer-worthy snippet of dialogue. Looks like this movie is going to be all explosions and clouds of dust.

b.1 So, we have Hrithik Roshan and Katrina in superstar mode. But who else is in the film? One thing to look forward to in Hindi movies are the countless character actors that fill the tapestry, and we aren’t sure we are ready to spend three hours just ogling and worshipping The Bodies One and Two.

b.2 (Speaking of, it has to be said that Body Two Ms. Kaif is generating a lot more warmth and interest in this movie than the jaded efforts of Body One)

c. A quick glance at Siddhath Anand’s previous output suggests a director who is most comfortable with NRI yuppie faux-melodramas with little substance. We’ve watched such movies in the past, but there are so many good films releasing this year that this one doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Excitement Meter: 4/10. Apologies Hrithik Maniacs! This one is more like  Splutter! Fizz! Fizz for us. No bang!


Just like you, dear readers, we have been sitting through Zindagi Gulzar Hai for the charms of a certain Fawad Khan.

But our reaction to this trailer was the same as this young girl’s.


You DON’T call your movie Khubsoorat and your protagonist Mili and then have her play such a flibbertigibbet!

You DON’T cast the supremely wonderful Ratna Pathak Shah as little more than a foil to said protagonist!

You DON’T waste the grown up good looks of Fawad Khan in a Disney Romance meant to target 12 year old teenage girls.

As always, Sonam Kapoor is fearless with her choice of fashion and carries each of those absurd statement looks to perfection. But she is not the kind of warm and giving comedienne you can structure a funny family entertainer around. In fact, we always like her when she plays someone entitled and just a bit selfish like in Raanjhana. So sorry UTV/Disney/Anil Kapoor. We will pass.

Excitement Meter: 3/10.On the brighter side, maybe it will mean more movies for some of the other actors associated with the project?

Mary Kom

We’ve quibbled in the past about the makers of Mary Kom choosing a successful Punjabi actress to play a Manipuri boxer. Be that as it may, we have to admit that Priyanka Chopra has put life and soul into the character of the spunky boxer. From the opening shots of a lanky schoolgirl, boxing gloves in hand, chasing down a boy, to the later ones of her fighting, training and winning, she pretty much nails the part.

But if you thought this is the simple tale of a poor rice farmer’s daughter who goes on to become the most famous boxer in the country, think again. After all, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the creative brains behind the movie, and simple stories are not SLB’s forte. So the boxer has her path strewn with challenges – from her own father to certain elements in the boxing administration to motherhood to society. Phew.

Priyanka Chopra is certain to draw immense praise for getting into the skin of the character, just like Farhan Akhtar did with Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. And therein lies the problem. Similar to what happened with BMB, we worry that a real tale of courage and inspiration will be turned into a saccharine, Bollywoodized version of gym trained bodies, slick scenes, a few dramatic dialogues, and little else.

Excitement Meter: 6/10. We’d choose this any day over Bang Bang & Khoobsurat. Besides, we’re curious about Danny Denzongpa’s return to Hindi movies.

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