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Trailer Talk: Bobby Jasoos, Lekar Hum Deewana Dil & Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Previewing the three big releases of July

India’s first female detective, and how to find, and lose, your Dulhania

It’s official. The dust has settled over the Elections and IPL, and the FIFA World Cup is in its final fortnight. It’s time for the Bollywood onslaught.

Kicking off proceedings this July are a female detective and two young romances. Should you head to the theatre or just wait for the DVD/TV release? We do some crystal ball gazing by obsessing over the movies’ trailers.

Bobby Jasoos

The MBRB girls have been pining for more female detectives in fiction, so we obviously jumped with joy when Dia Mirza announced Bobby Jasoos with Vidya Balan. We liked it even better when we learnt that the movie’s protagonist, Bilkis Ahmed a.k.a. Bobby, aspires to be the Number One Detective in Hyderabad – not enough film-makers have given this beautiful city the attention it deserves.

Watching the trailer did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm. Vidya Balan is the only heroine in Bollywood who has movies made solely for her – and the trailer smartly showers all its love on the movie’s star attraction. Balan is the kind of heroine who fearlessly flings herself into every role she plays, so director Samar Shaikh shrewdly decided to give her nearly a dozen different avatars. There is Bilkis, the girl who’s trying to prove her mettle in a male dominated profession, but there is also Bobby, the detective who frequently travels in disguise as she tries to nail her culprits. We’re also looking forward to seeing Ali “Fukrey” Fazal hold his own against Balan, and some of the songs – such as Jashn & Sweety – will definitely make it to the next BFIW (Big Fat Indian Wedding).

If there’s one thing we’re unsure about, it’s what the movie is about. Is it about Bilkis, the girl on a mission to dismantle stereotypes as she battles her own family and tries to win over potential in-laws? Or is it about Bobby, the detective for whom “no case is too small”, until she gets that one big case that can change her life forever ? Watching the trailer gives us the sense that, like Balan’s numerous camouflages, the movie is trying to be too many things – and we hope that doesn’t turn out to the movie’s undoing.

Bobby Jasoos releases on 4th July

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

Arif Ali’s first directorial venture marks the Bollywood début of  two youngsters, but just like Tiger Shroff’s Heropanti, this is being promoted as Armaan Jain’s film. But he’s not a Khan or a Kapoor, you say? Yes he’s missed out on the surname, but Armaan is definitely Bollywood royalty- his maternal grandfather is Raj Kapoor. Lo Tengo?

Director Arif seems to draw inspiration from his brother Imtiaz Ali, whose movies always have a lead pair on the run. In LHDD, Karishma Shetty and Dinesh Nigam are two best friends who elope to escape their families, and as they criss cross across the country, they end up “finding” themselves. Sigh. We blame the success of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara for Bollywood’s obsession with “Lose Yourself to Find Yourself”. Boss, it really is time to move on – we’ll take Singham 2 over another clichéd road journey (forget we said that, Farah Khan where are you?).

Watching Armaan Jain reminds us of Imran Khan (we don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten who he is) – he’s just as awkward, and not half as pretty. His heroine Deeksha Seth looks much more comfortable in front of the camera, and given that she has a few Telugu hits to her name, there is hope that she will make Karishma Shetty believable. A.R. Rahman’s music is spectacular, and there’s something irresistible about young love, but would that be enough to drag us into the movie hall? Unless the reviewers suggest otherwise, we’ll save this one for the DVD.

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil releases on 4th July.

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Pop Quiz : Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is inspired by:

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge


Band Baaja Baraat

All of the above

Falling in love while trapezing across Europe is so passé these days. No Sir, we have our own highways now, and they offer so much more scope for things to happen – from accidents to kidnappings and murder. And anyway you middle class people who ran away to Canada and Birmingham don’t represent the real India. Neither do you villagers in pretty lehengas and prettier cottages that bear no resemblance to the real world. The real India lives in Karol Bagh and Rajouri Garden and Pitampura and Jaipur and Jalandhar. And this real India wants to get married in a Kareena Kapoor lehenga and sees nothing wrong in sex before marriage (as long as it happens when the two parties are intoxicated and justifiably loose control).

Despite the fact that Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is a rip off of DDLJ (they leave no stone unturned to remind you of this – Humptyji is seen crying over the “Jaa Simran Jaa” scene and of course there is a train sequence), with shades of Band Baaja Baraat and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, we’re quite looking forward to watching it. And surprisingly, it’s not for Alia Bhatt, who is not content with Kareena’s lehenga – she wants to be Kareena. Instead, we love Varun Dhawan as the very dopey Humpty, sole heir to Vidya Book Centre who is forced to fight for his love against a “Videsi Villian”. The MBRB girls believe that Junior Dhawan is the true successor to Govinda, and for his sake, we hope that Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania turns out to be a first class entertainer.

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania releases on 11th July.

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Image courtesy: Meanest Indian via Compfight cc


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