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Trailer Talk: Cautiously Optimistic About Haider, Daawat-e-Ishq and Finding Fanny

DVD, Theater or Never Ever Ever ???

And then it rained! A surfeit of delicious new trailers… and a surprising glimpse of house favourite Ranveer Singh!

Haider_ Poster


You have to feel for Parineeti Chopra. She is such a warm and natural performer- a fire-cracker of an actress with the kind of smile that lights up the screen and a face that reflects every single emotion she feels- but all the conversation around her seems to be about her fashion-sense and body type and whether she is “pretty” enough to be a heroine. And we are a little tired of the critics lambasting the “sameness” of her roles in an industry where the Sonam Kapoors and Alia Bhats are praised for their three expressions and a half. So count us in for any movie which features her contorting her nose into such supreme disdain!


Parineeti Chopra Dawaat E Ishq

Here’s what we are loving about this trailer:

1. All Parineeti, all the time

2. The fact that the heroine seems to have a bit of namak to her, after the shoot-me-now sweetness of Shraddha Kapoor in Ek Villain

Aditya Roy Kapoor Parineeti Chopra

3. The Hyderabadi setting, and the glimpses of actual locales from a city which is having a bit of a moment between this and Bobby Jasoos

4. The fact that unlike so many trailers, this one holds back on the story. We are genuinely curious to know what comes next!

5. A rom-com pair that looks  fresh, and also equally matched in personality.

And here’s what’s left us unconvinced:

1. Aditya Roy Kapoor is beautiful but as an ex-Lucknowii we take umbrage to his Lucknow accent as well as his wardrobe that is more Mumbai tapori than any mohalla we’ve stayed in(puhleeze!).

2. YRF: The production house is clearly in a state of transition, and of late their movies seem like they’re made after a marketing group discussion denudes them of any originality or spark whatsoever. There is definitely a good movie here somewhere, but we wouldn’t be surprised if its completely destroyed in the final edit.

Excitement Meter: 7/10. Like the perfect bowl of street side jalebi, this one may be good fun, but we doubt we will think of it the day after.

 Finding Fanny

Sorry fan girls, but Ranveer Singh has more spark as a corpse than ARK had in the entirety of the previous trailer!

Ranveer Singh Finding Fanny

This film has the kind of cast that we write down on paper for our imaginary screenplays. The always perfect Dimple Kapadia, legendary grump Naseeruddin Shah looking like he’s having fun, and the perfectly calibrated insanity of Pankaj Kapoor. Deepika Padukone is effortlessly beautiful in the way that makes us just a little sick with envy and (unpopular opinion alert) we are completely taken in by her English accent which sounds desi and not faux-American unlike a certain “Exotic” beauty. (And the movie also has Arjun Kapoor who seems….. adequate).

The idea of a road trip with disparate personalities stuck in a confined space is always ideal fodder for humour, and the trailer made us laugh a couple of times at least.

But both of Homi Adjania‘s earlier movies- Cocktail and Being Cyrus- struck us as being just a little too smug and happy with themselves. They were similar to the kind of fiction that only the very rich, who’ve never been ordinary in any sense at all, write about ‘ordinary lives’. We can’t help feeling that he’s making fun of these characters and their foibles, and it is impossible for us to sit in a movie which has such little empathy for its characters.

Goa, and its colourful people, deserve better.

Excitement Meter- 6/10. We love the actors (and we will retire in Goa some day). But this movie seems too pretentious by half!


Phew, give us a moment as we recover our breath….we’ve just watched one of the best Bollywood trailers of the year so far.

Vishal Bhardwaj reunites with Shahid Kapoor for the third instalment of his Shakespearean trilogy, this time with an adaptation of Hamlet. Shahid’s decision to go bald for his role had caused palpitations in the hearts of zillions of Twitter fans, but we think it might just start a new fashion trend. Before we go into all the reasons why we can’t wait to watch Haider,  here’s a quick warning – if the only movies you enjoy are upper class romances or family dramas that end with “And They Lived Happily Ever After”, this movie is not for you.

And now, back to our eulogizing:

1. Very few directors understand the Indian “hinterland” as well as Vishal Bhardwaj, and it’s a rare Bollywood director who has the courage to depict human relationships with honesty and a wicked sense of humour. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also a brilliant music composer.

2. Tabu and Kay Kay Menon return in what we hope will be meaty roles that do justice to their formidable talent (if only we could delete Jai Ho from Tabu’s CV).

3. The movie is set in the vales of Kashmir and the screenplay is co-written by Basharat Peer, whose Curfewed Nights is one of the most nuanced takes on Kashmir in recent times (he’s also one of the Real Men that the MBRB girls have a not-so-secret crush on!)

4. No other play has been dramatized, and dissected, as much as Hamlet. Numerous interpretations of his character have been offered, but the one that has stayed is Sigmund Freud’s declaration that Hamlet suffered from a Oedipus complex. There is a single scene in the trailer which reveals that Bhardwaj has taken this conjecture seriously – we’re curious to see how he handles the difficult subject of Haider’s (Shahid Kapoor) sexual feelings for his step-mother (Tabu).

5. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, courtiers who spy on Hamlet under the guise of friendship, are bit characters in the original play. Unwittingly, they provided inspiration to many satirists, most notably Tom Stoppard. The two make an appearance in the trailer, so the question that has us biting our nails is – what new twist will they bring to the tale?

 6. Shahid Kapoor

7. Shahid Kapoor

8. Shahid Kapoor

9. Shahid Kapoor

10. Shahid Kapoor: Ok, we’ve admitted in the past that Shahid Kapoor is one of the yummiest stars in Bollywood. Sadly, he’s also a highly under-rated actor and has terrible sense when it comes to choosing his movies. We thought Kaminey would set things right, but when he went on to act in R…Rajkumar, we were ready to Unfollow him. Thankfully, Bhardwaj returned to his rescue. It’s evident from the first scene that Sasha has given Haider his all. He’s brilliant throughout the 2.23 minutes, but our favourite scene comes at the end of the trailer (at 2:05) – from the altered voice to the glint of insanity, this is not the Sasha that we’ve got used to watching.

Thumbs down: Shraddha Kapoor, who should can shots of her wide-doe-eyed look for every film maker to easily reuse.

Excitement Meter- 11/10. We can’t wait for October, Bang Bang be damned!

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