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Trailer Talk: Gone Girl & Heropanti

In which MBRB dissects the week's trailers and plans its next 6 months

Does Ben Affleck make a good Nick Dunne, why does Tiger Shroff speak like this, where is NPH, and other questions answered by this week’s movie trailers!

Trailer Talk

 We saw two trailers on loop this week and are slightly obsessed with both of them. Read our thoughts below, and let us know what YOU think.

Gone Girl

There are books so addictive that you stay up all night and then call in sick at work , because you need to know now how it ends.

Think Shadow Of The Wind.  Games Of  Thrones Book 3. House Of Silk.

And then there are books so obsessive you are willing to knock out your partner with a strong sedative and lock up your kids, their mouths taped over with super strong adhesive. You’re living the characters, you can’t bear for it to end.

Think Gone Girl.

Think a boy and a girl madly in love. For a couple that’s been married for 5 years, they sound almost nice and normal. Oh wait, she’s started to show signs of a breakdown. Oh no, he’s such a flop.  He should get a Peace prize for surviving 5 years with this colossal case of neurosis. Poor girl, married to such a loser!

By the time you revive your partner and free up the kids, you know a movie is on the way and you’ve already settled upon the cast in your head (is Hollywood listening?). But first, the two principal characters:

Nick Dunne: Former writer, current owner of The Bar. Looks untrustworthy, smiles needlessly (he describes himself as  having a “face you want to punch”).. Pampered mama’s boy. A happy go lucky drifter. Desperately trying to prove that he didn’t murder his missing wife.

Amy Elliott:  Stunningly beautiful.  Only child who had a book series inspired by her (Amazing Amy!). Lives her life through multiple choice quizzes. Relentless planner and achiever. Cat on a hot tin roof. Is she dead or alive?

Think Aaron Eackhart married to Amy Adams.

So when we heard about the casting of Gone Girl, we were understandably upset. We were  fine with Rosamand Pike as Amy (she was in our top 3 anyway), but Ben Affleck as Nick? He of the range of emotions from A to B? He’d do a mighty good imitation of Nick’s deadpan look, but how would he portray the layers within?  Neil Patrick Harris notwithstanding, this wasn’t going to end well.

After watching the first trailer that came out this Monday, we’re even more conflicted. Here’s why:

Ben Affleck nails the shifty, douche back look  – he looks sufficiently dubious while standing next to the picture of his missing wife and crossing his legs for the telly hostess. Despite her brief appearance in the trailer, Rosamand Pike is Amy heart and soul – enchanting, seductive and challenging. Neil Patrick Harris didn’t make an appearance in the trailer, which is a smart move – will he do to Gone Girl what Matthew McConaughey did to Wolf Of Wall Street?

Talking about McConnaisance, we’ve finally found a replacement for the goose bumpy Far From Any Road in She, Gone Girl’s title track. The song has been brilliantly adapted by Psychedelic Furs frontman Richard Butler, who picks the right notes to project romance, anxiety and desperation. But here’s the catch – the song is haunting and romantic, but it’s far from edgy. The movie’s background score does a much better job of delivering the sense of paranoia that hangs over the book – we’d love to hear some of it in the next trailer.

What’s keeping us on edge is the news that author Gillian Flynn has written a new ending for the movie. Someone’s gotta give, but who will it be?  How much of Amy’s diaries will we get to see? Will the movie choose sides between Nick and Amy? Will we get to see Amazing Amy? How awesome will NPH be? October 3 is too far off – till then, all we can do is wait for the next trailer. And continue reruns of She.


What happens if you – the son of a matinee idol- grow up with a name like “Tiger”  and decide you want to be a doctor one fine morning? Do your parents cry into late nights behind closed doors? Does your father remind you tersely over breakfast that the medical profession is not an easy one? Does your mother beg you to reconsider and think about your younger siblings and their future?

Power: Raw, Weakness: Love

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about this eventuality, since Tiger Shroff is happy to be a STAR. He arrives upon our cinema screens on 23rd May as the “Hero” in “Heropanti” along with the latest version of ActressBot2014 Kriti Sanon. He has gorgeous eyelashes, the sculpted abs of the replica of a Grecian Statue, and a slightly unsteady smile. Dancing in the post-Hrithik fashion that all young ‘uns do, he is here to win your hearts. As the trailer helpfully reminds you, he is:

  • Fast

  • Furious

  • Bratty

  • Rebellious

  • Crazy

  • Deadly

  • Friendly ????

  • Cool

  • Romantic

  • Daring

  • Lover

  • Hero

It is the “Friendly” that slays us. We’ve had fast ones before, and the furious in spades. More than one  actor (ahem) would qualify as bratty, and everyone and their sons are cool romantic daring lover heroes. But has anyone dared to be friendly before? He just wants to be your friend ladies. Give him and those puppy-dog peepers (seriously, we can’t get over how pretty his eyes are), a chance!

Unfortunately, the movie looks like something a late-period Subhash Ghai would make, and that’s disappointing. Everything seems designed-by-committee- the strange graphical paean to Tiger’s body, the requisite song on snow-capped mountains with the heroine in a delicate white saree, even the hero’s “he’s-a-lover-he’s-a-fighter” style clenched bloody knuckles.


We need some good B-movie action stars  and would be happy to have young Tiger take over that mantle. He does look like he’s trying, which is more than one can say about so many of the lazier star progenies. And we’ve always had a soft spot for good old Jackie Shroff (when the theme song from Hero played at the end of the trailer, we were transported to the early 80s in a cloud of happy memories), So even if his launch vehicle looks dire, we wish some director somewhere writes Tiger Shroff the Martial Arts inspired adventure he deserves!

Also dialogue writers- sabko aati nahin meri jaati nahin- may just qualify for the worst line of the decade. Repeating it twice in the same trailer doesn’t change that!

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