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Trailer Talk: Kill Dill, Happy Ending, P.K, Action Jackson

If you liked the PK teaser, we'll be very disappointed in you!

There’s been a bucketload of new trailers in the last couple of weeks. Which one would you like to see?


Now that we’re done gloating about our psychic abilities when it comes to Trailer Talk (don’t let us down, RS!), it’s time to get back to work. With so many movies lined up for release, the next two months promise to be be Bollywood’s best and biggest ever – or so they’d like us to believe.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?


When it comes to Bollywood, the one F word we can’t abide with is “F”amily Entertainer.  The mugging! The forced heartwarming message about ‘simplicity’! Anushka Sharma’s low budget wig!  Aamir Khan’s prosthetic ears! The scary similarities to Kevin Spacey’s K-Pax!! We just aren’t ready for all that whimsy and goodness this time of the year, and can’t help feel a bit annoyed.

As far as we are concerned, Raj Kumar Hirani’s oeuvre has been a case of diminishing returns (Psst! Don’t tell anyone but we could barely sit through 3 Idiots without stabbing ourselves in the eye!). The reason the Munnabhai movies worked was because of Sanjay Dutt’s laid-back energy. Because he was willing to hold back, a lot of actors- from Arshad Warsi’s Circuit to Jimmy Shergil’s cancer-stricken virgin, got a chance to bring nuance to their parts of the tale.

But this trailer seems like the Aamir Khan show from beginning to end. And what hurts us most is the thought that all the wonderful non-Aamir actors in the periphery (Anushka, we still love you!), are going to be lost in the tsunami of marketing and hype by the least generous performer in Bollywood.

This is not a teaser designed for stone cold ink black hearts, so clearly, it had no effect on us!

P.K releases on December 25

Kill Dill

Welcome back Shaad Ali, we’ve missed you!  With three of our favourite stars in your new movie, we hope we can finally forget the disastrous Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. 

There’s tons to get us excited about Kill Dill – Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar (yay!), Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music and Gulzar’s lyrics (the title track is smashing and Sweeta is, umm, interesting), snippets of the mad humour that made Bunty Aur Babli such a riot and biggest of them all, the return of Govinda in a negative role.

But we’re a little worried too  – there’s a retro feel to the entire trailer that can work wonders in the movie, or go horribly wrong. We are also unable to decide if some of the effects are intentionally cheesy in a meta way or just low budget. For the sake of reliving the magic of Saathiya and Bunty Aur Babli, we sincerely hope it’s the former, and that Ranveer Singh finally gets the chance to act in a movie that is as fun as he is!

Kill Dill releases on November 14


Happy Ending

It’s easy to predict a Saif Ali Khan release these days:

1. Several women in love with Saif and Saif in love with all these women

2. Strange humour that tries to be edgy but somehow misses the mark

3. At best, Saif with blonde hair. At worst, Saif on the toilet seat.

4. At worst, Saif in a double or triple role (Love Aaj Kal was an exception that proves the rule)

5. A perpetually confused look on Saif’s face that we believe is completely genuine – the Chote Nawaab is clearly struggling with the “Not Old/Young at Heart” dilemma.

We miss the charming boy-next-door of Dil Chahta Hai and Kal Ho Na Haa, and wonder why we didn’t see Saif more often as Langda Tyagi (Omkara) and Karan Singh Rathod (Ek Hasina Thi). And while we respect him for experimenting with his looks and roles, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to like his Yudi/Yogi avatars. More’s the pity, because the last movie we remember liking him in even a bit was in the same Raj and DK’s Go, Goa, Gone,  but this trailer seems about 15% them and the rest Mr. Kareena Kapoor Khan.

There’s only one reason why we may still watch Happy Ending, and he’s called Govinda.

Actually make that two, anything for the comeback of the charming Preity Zinta!

Happy Ending releases on November 21

Action Jackson

If you could choose only one, which eye-searing sight would you rather see this winter – Aamir Khan mugging or Ajy Devgn (we don’t know which vowels he’s using these days) dancing?

Whenever we see Prabhudeva in an interview, we WANT to like him, but he truly makes the most abysmal movies ever. The tired one liners, the weirdly posed and shot female bodies, and the thousand decibel fight scene – all point to a sensibility that is miles removed from the kind of cinema we enjoy.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have its fans (and when he chooses an actor he likes, like Shahid Kapoor, we watch the movie in spite of ourselves). But the combination of Devgan and Prabhudeva is one that we’d personally rather skip.

One last note: Sonakshi, you’re better than this, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – however many thousands of crores this film makes.

Action Jackson releases on November 7

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