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Travel : An Afternoon in Manali

A perfect afternoon in the middle of an apple orchard in Manali

One of the Red Baggers & her friends spent a glorious week in the midst of an apple orchard in Manali. Lazy reading; chirping birds; flighty butterflies; Fluffy, Sasha & Shabnam; the fragrance of food cooked with dollops of love & leisure. We recall an afternoon from this blissful holiday.

Pearly white mountains.

Green ranges.

A brilliant blue,

The three sisters preen in the golden sun.


The hoopoe hums.

A solitary leaf drops from the walnut tree.

Buttercup and Indigo play catch-me-if-you-can

in the garden, flitting from the pansies to the xenias and

finally settling upon the red roses.


Another leaf starts its descent from the walnut tree.

The hoopoe makes a graceful swoop across the sun drenched lawn.

The clouds raise a dark hand.


Jaiwanti walks up the driveway, bright in pink shalwar and dupatta.

The white bus drives down the roads as

the trees bend and whisper to each other.

Fluffy bounds up the stairs and gazes imploringly,

while Shasha and Shabnam pretend to doze under the watchful eyes

of Old Man Walnut.


A slight rustle,

Is it the wind again, or D turning another page of Mothsmoke?

The hoopoe starts chattering again, another yellow leaf falls

and the answer is swept away into the hills.

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