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Travelling Through India with Juhi Pande

Juhi Pande shares how alighting from a houseboat can be the best buzz ever.

Juhi Pande takes us through her experiences of travelling across India, getting a post-boat hangover and eating chilli chicken for life

Juhi Pande is one of the hardest working entertainment professionals in India today. You may know her from her enthusiastic VJing on Channel V (where she lit up the screen with her game attitude and anything-goes spirit), Sound Trek- her travel program on Fox Traveler, or have seen her in the It’s Your Fault” video with Kalki Koechlin that went viral a couple of months ago.

You can now also pre-order her book about relationships and heartbreak. All that, and she finds time to travel all over India in her Honda City!!

As you know, My Big Red Bag is on a mission to re-discover India this year. We asked her on Twitter if she would share some of her favourite places to travel around India with us, and here’s what she sent us!

Favourite place to visit in India

I loved living in Assam. This was close to 20 years ago, but the beauty of the North East of India is incomparable. I have parents who love to travel so I remember driving all over 6 of the 7 states.

The most fun Indian hotel/Guest House/ BnB you’ve ever stayed in.

The houseboats in the backwaters of Kerala. What’s fun about them is that after two days of living on them there’s this boat hangover that stays with you. I’m sure there’s a term for it, but it’s like you cannot stop swaying. It’s almost like being drunk. Fun.

The best road trip you’ve ever had. Do you drive yourself? Is there any particular car you like driving on Indian roads?

I drive really well and I’m not fond of driving at all. I like my car, it’s a Honda City and it’s pretty zippy and perfect for the city. I recently drove to Hampi. That was a lot of fun.  Also a road trip I did with my parents back in ’88 from Delhi to Conoor. (Editors Notes: One of the MBRBers is currently en route from Bangalore to Delhi in her car, and we look forward to sharing experiences from her road trip soon!)

The best meal you’ve ever had while traveling in India

Pretty much every meal. I love food and I love Indian food. Plus I’m not fussy. Also I can eat chili chicken for the rest of my life and not have a problem with it.

Your favourite shopping destination in India

I don’t have one. I don’t have a favorite shopping destination anywhere.

Best train ride ever

Bombay to Goa in 2001.

Any Indian travel blogs/writer that you follow

Nope. Though I will read anything that Ravina Rawal writes.

A travel wishlist- places you’ve not been to yet, and can’t wait to get to

Hah! I can’t list that. The internet will crash. But let’s just say I’m aching to get to Central Asia. All of it.

Three things you always pack in your backpack

Sunblock. Enough medicines to make Asian Chemists blush. Headphones.

Photo Credit: Hampi by Juhi Pande

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