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Travelling with Children- In Three Easy Charts

We may not leave the confines of the hotel, but travelling with a baby is fun nevertheless

Generous portions of wine, and lowered expectations, are the secrets to vacationing with a baby

When young parents with their zombified eyes and blank expressions look ruefully at their childless friends, it isn’t just envy. It’s also regret – at the cocktails undrunk and lands unvisited and the Machu Pichus left unclimbed before their progenies were born. At My Big Red Bag, we were data scientists first and parents only after that fact. We’ve always loved traveling and that didn’t change with the arrival of Baby Baguette. What changed was the way we travelled. Suddenly it was no longer about the charming beds and breakfasts or the nightlife in Beirut, but instead about fitting hectic sightseeing between naps and visits to the kiddy pool.

Here’s how our vacationing has changed- in Three Easy Charts

Suitcase Space:  Look, something has to make way for the stroller, the  travel highchair, the diapers, the diaper pail, the diaper cream, the diaper wipes, the diaper disposal bags, the ‘smart’ toys, ‘her’ I pad and the boatloads of clothes that she will never wear. And chances are that it will  have to be your bags and boots and cute ‘vacation’ outfits that you’ve spent the last one year working out for (Your husband, poor dear, only wants a few T-shirts in different shades of blue anyway!)

Suitcase Space_ Travel with Children

 What we Drink: What can we say? These past few years it has been impossible to begin a day without cafe au lait (maybe it’s just the three hours of sleep we are getting) or to end each day without a celebratory glass of Big Red (le bebe est endormi, viva le bebe). Also, these drinks are more likely than not, to be had from room service instead of at the ‘cute little cafe’ or ‘sophisticated vinoteca’ that everyone’s been talking about.

What we drink_ Travel with Children


How We Spend Our Vacations: Let’s just say it’s not all Michelin star restaurants and hip little nightclubs (Ranked #3 on Tripadvisor!!) any more!


There’s a reason we still travel though. It has nothing to do with crossing places off an imaginary list, or sampling the delectable street food of five different continents.  But its for the look of wonder on Baby Baguette’s face, when she samples something new to eat for the first time, or when she smells the hotel shampoo and believes she’s reached some sort of princess heaven, or when she finds other babies of a similar age and smiles shyly at them. We may get to Paris and not even find time to see the Eiffel Tower with her, but her priceless expressions at the sight of a hot croissant (and the loveable way she lisps the word kwosant) makes everything worthwhile. And I like the tiny Vodka bottles in the hotel minibars any way!


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