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Twitter Chatter: The Djoker Tries Google Glass and FarOut Akhtar’s Still Singing!

Or how to be relevant in less than 140 words

Djokovic liked Google Glass, Farhan Akhtar is still singing, Paul McCartney remains the cutest boy-bander ever, and RIP Khushwant Singh


You know the best thing about Twitter? Everyone and their PR Team is on it !  So whether you want to know just how many brilliant columns William Dalrymple can write in a week, or you are interesting in checking if Priyanka Chopra is still talking like a 16 year old Valley Girl, just head over there and find out for  yourself! It is a time sink for stalkers like us!

Here’s what we discovered this week!

10. We are not the only ones in this predicament

9.The era of the hyperbaric chamber is over. The era of the Google Glass is here. #DjokerForTheWin

8. Farhan Akhtar- singer- is still a thing  and now people are paying money to watch him sing!(why you not direct no more?)

7. Baby-faced Paul McCartney played Holi in India in 1968 and looked absolutely adorable doing so!


6. Rahul Khanna- who calls himself  a “Boutique Bollywood Actor” on Twitter, is also a bit of a gentleman’s columnist and genuinely funny!

5. Majorly PhD continues to say what we have all been thinking

4. Over at Genderlog, this week’s curator Arati Kumar Rao shared some interesting insights about gender issues and how they’re captured on camera. We recommend the entire week’s feed. But this image especially, made us pause and think.

3. Everyone mourned the passing of Khushwant Singh and celebrated his joi de vivre yesterday. This was our favourite eulogy, because it was by a pre-eminent historian and not just by someone who remembered having seen the name of his books in a library somewhere!


2. Media- the world over-refuses to recognise women as people in their own right, even at death

1. And finally -because it’s the weekend and you deserve to treat yourself my fabulous girlfriends, only the two bad-assest men in the world- Magneto and Prof. Xavier themselves, enjoying the sun at Coney Island!

Photo Credit: Dustin Diaz via Compfight cc

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